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These Pictures Of Real-Life Rosie The Riveters Kind Of Blew My Mind

World War II’s real-life Rosie the Riveters look a lot like the ads themselves — only way cooler. Rosie first came to be as a character in 1942, and during the war, three million women worked at plants building tanks, guns and aircraft bombers. The campaign didn’t exist solely to motivate women to work — a lot of effort was also put into encouraging men to accept the idea of their wives taking on jobs in male-dominated industries, because apparently, some dudes at the time had a serious problem with it. A lot of us heard about this stuff in fifth grade history class, but what I didn’t know is that there are lots of real pictures of these hard-working ladies out there. I always associated the women’s war effort with those famous propaganda posters, but the real-life photos preserved by the Library of Congress are way more interesting to look at (and I know it’s not the most important part, but I have to admit, I freaking¬†love their style). The pictures make me stop and think in a way that my childhood textbooks could never quite conjure up. As much as the turbulence of today’s world scares me, I can’t fathom what it must have been like to make the kinds of tough choices these ladies did in a time that was even more uncertain than right now — and in a society that was much more closed off to women. Keep reading »

Are You Sporting A “Recession” Haircut?

We’ve jokingly talked before about why women cut their hair, but here’s a historical example we didn’t really consider: war and its economic impact. The U.K.’s Telegraph recently reprinted a 1939 article dealing with trends in women’s hairstyles.

Back then, we learn, ladies were switching to short styles out of practicality and thrift: “Women who had cultivated romantic coiffures for which they had grown their hair 12 inches, are having seven of those inches cut off. Hairdressing is returning instead of hair-building.”

So, how have our thoughts about going short in times of economic crisis changed since the ’40s?
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Put On Your Nylons, Dollface, It’s Time For An Air Raid Party

Brits. We will never understand them sometimes—and not just because of the cute accents.

Tonight some rather cheeky Brits are celebrating a “Blitz Party,” the 65th anniversary of D-Day, when the Allied forces invaded Normandy, France, during WWII. (The Blitz was when the Germans bombed the city of London for over a month straight, tens of thousands of Brits were killed and millions of homes and buildings destroyed.) Keep reading »

Scaring Army Guys Into Using Condoms

STD Awareness MonthLast week, we learned that VD is for everybody. This week, in a World War II-era military training film, we learn that germs “may destroy your life” if allowed to enter the body. Happy STD Awareness Month, everyone! [There is a diagram of male anatomy, so this may be NSFW.] Keep reading »

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