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Quickies: Jennifer Love Hewitt As Wonder Woman & Russell Brand’s Out-Of-This-World Birthday Gift

Jennifer Love Hewitt is obsessed with the possibility of playing Wonder Woman on the big screen. [Toronto Sun] Gary Coleman's ex-wife has sold the photos capturing his last moments in the hospital. [TMZ] Apparently, there is a science to why "Law & Order" was a long-running and successful…
By: Carli Alexa Blau / June 9, 2010

Wonder Woman Coming To The Big Screen. Please, Maybe?

Over the past few years, there have been a zillion and 12 super hero movies. And so it's shocked me that "Wonder Woman: The Movie" hasn't happened yet. I mean, the comic was great and the '70s TV show starring Lynda Carter was a camp classic. I loved watching her wrestle bad guys with her…
By: Kate Torgovnick/ / May 31, 2010

Crave: Topshop Wonder Woman Boy Shorts

Just imagine how excited your comic book geek will be when he sees your Wonder Woman boy shorts. Don’t be surprised if he puts on a cape and starts chasing you around the room! That should make for a frisky good time. [$8,]…
By: Jessica Wakeman / April 2, 2009

Angelina Jolie Turns On Wonder Woman

Warner Brothers just released a "Wonder Woman" animated DVD this week -- kapow! She’s back in action, but the superhero is looking a little bit more like a particular superstar than her iconic self. The new Wonder Woman is totally a doppelganger for Angelina Jolie! Which begs the question, what was the point…
By: Simcha / March 4, 2009

Beyonce As Sasha Fierce As Wonder Woman?

Beyonce has had great success as a singer/songwriter and a modicum of success as an actress -- She was great in "Dreamgirls," but let's not forget she didn't win the Oscar. Yet, she's always willing to heap more onto her plate. Now, she is in talks with DC Comics and Warner Bros. to play the…
By: Annika Harris / November 10, 2008
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