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Check Out Slate’s Chart On The Atlantic’s Guide To Womanhood

Being a lady is confusing these days. Luckily we have The Atlantic Monthly, a wonk-eriffic magazine enjoyed by coastal elites and assorted people you thought were pretentious d-bags in college, to explain this womanhood thing to us.  Slate’s ladyblog Double X has compiled a handy dandy chart to help us figure it all out. The …
By: Jessica Wakeman / June 27, 2012

Eve Ensler’s Secret To Becoming A Powerful Woman

"To be a strong woman, to be a fierce woman, to be a true woman, to be a leader, to be truly powerful, you have to get to place where you can tolerate people not liking you. And know that when you actually do that, you have to fall back on your own moral imperative…
By: Ami Angelowicz / May 7, 2011

Things We Wish We Knew About Womanhood At Age 18

Yesterday, Esquire magazine's Twitter feed asked its readers, "What about manhood do you know now that you wish you'd known at eighteen?" The response from a writer I know caught my eye — "Good credit is better than good sex!" — and I thought, Hey, that doesn't just apply to manhood! That applie…
By: Jessica Wakeman / March 24, 2010