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New Social Networking Site Thinks Women Need Wives, Too

A new social networking site wants to re-brand female friendship. Frenemies, be gone! Bye, bye BFFs. Hello “wives.” It’s the newest term for your closest lady friends and allies. I know what your thinking … that word has kind of already been claimed. But Band of Wives, a new social networking site, wants to reinvent the concept of “wifehood.” According to the site, “It is time for women to sustain each other … we all need wives. Not in any weird kinky way, but life is more complicated and stressful and we need deep connections with each other to live happier, healthier lives.” The site provides a virtual community to provide support and nurturing for women’s careers, talents, and passions because we’re tired of men reaping all the benefits of the institution. So … behind every good woman is … another good woman. Love the concept, but not sure I’ll be calling anyone my non-kinky wife anytime soon. Couldn’t they have chosen a new word. Like “wister” or “bffife?” [Tres Sugar] Keep reading »

Like Red Nailpolish? You’d Make A Horrible Wife

In the 1930s, Dr. George W. Crane, who ran a counseling practice and started his own matchmaking service, designed a test to give couples feedback on their marriages. Either the husband or the wife took the test, which rates the wife in various areas. Crane attempted to make the test scientific, but he did admit to using a personal bias and weighted the items he thought were more important in marriage. For example, a wife’s use of slang or profanity results in a five-point deduction from her score, and wearing red nail polish is a minus one. Amelia’s score was -3 and mine was -6. What can I say? I don’t dress for breakfast, and I’m lazy about sewing on buttons. Keep reading to calculate your score. [Monitor On Psychology] Keep reading »

Good Luck Getting Any Shut-Eye If Your Husband Suffers From Sleep Apnea

Earlier, we discussed how the device that helps those suffering from sleep apnea is cumbersome and unattractive. However, a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that men were more likely to wear the CPAP machine if their wives slept with them, rather than in a separate bed. Unfortunately, women don’t sleep as well when their gas-mask-wearing husband cuddles in bed with them. [Reuters Health] Keep reading »

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