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What’s Your Favorite Piece Of Advice?

Marriage Advice
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Terrible Advice
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Cosmo Sex Advice
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Maybe it’s because it’s spring, and everybody’s winter relationships are disintegrating, but I’ve been seeing an awful lot of crying girls shouting into their phones on the street lately. Is this a thing? The unbridled dramatics with which people’s lives seem to be falling apart in the past couple of weeks make me think that everybody could use a dose or two of good advice (and um, maybe some good waterproof mascara). So I’ve assembled The Frisky staff’s top bits of all-weather advice, starting with my own fave: “The biggest mistake you can make is thinking that an impermanent feeling or situation will be permanent.” That was said to me by my friend Dustin who was told that by his very wise mom. It basically means, bad feelings and situations will pass and you won’t always feel this way. You just have to give yourself time. Remember that the next time you want to murderball someone while sobbing out your guts on the corner of Lexington and 40th, okay? More wise words, after the jump.

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What’s One Question You’ve Always Wanted To Ask Your Mom?

Moms are often the keepers’ of family wisdom, the family archivists and key family storytellers. Moms are also often chock-full of secrets. That’s why you should try and take advantage of your mother’s sage words and ask her everything you can.

The folks over at Real Simple came up with a handy list of must-ask questions Keep reading »

9 Life Tips I’ll Pass Along To My Kids

Recently, a blogger pal of mine posted a few life tips, or “life hacks” as she calls them, that she’ll pass along to any potential offspring. Her tips included great advice, like, “Never take Tylenol while you’re still drunk,” “Peeing after sex helps prevent UTIs,” and “Never click on the last picture in an Us Magazine slide show, it’s just an ad.” Her awesome list got me thinking about what little tips I’ll pass along to my potential future offspring. Check out my list after the jump and add your own in the comments.
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