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Brad Pitt’s Advice On Online Dating, Texting, And Porn

In the August issue of Wired starring Brad Pitt’s aging face, the actor gives advice — in his “Inglourious Basterds” character — on a few topics close to our hearts: dating, porn, texting, and World of Warcraft. And, while we don’t support the wearing of Bluetooth headsets in public, his advice ain’t bad. Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Brad Pitt Looks His Age On The Cover Of Wired

He looks quite handsome, though who knows why he’s on the cover but we hope it sells better than that hateful Julia Allison issue. Keep reading »

Perez Hilton, A Celebrity In His Own Right

Love him or hate him, you can’t help but go to Perez Hilton’s website to check out his commentary on Hollywood and its happenings, complete with his random, harsh scribblings on photographs. Somehow, the man originally known as Mario Lavandeira has made big bucks off of making fun of celebs. In the September issue of Wired magazine, a profile reveals that ads on his homepage cost up to $54,000 a day. And since his only employee is his sister, Perez is makin’ bank. Why does this man who simply writes whatever pops into his head pulling in seven figures? Because what he writes on the site is what we’re all thinking in our heads but are too polite to put down or even discuss. Basically, Perez is our impolite alter-ego. But you can’t fault a man who’s as hardworking as Perez says he is. “I work 16, 17, 18 hours a day,” he told Wired. But if he honestly wants to be the “gay Latino Oprah” as he says he does, he’ll have to work a lot more, especially now that he has a radio show, an upcoming book, a clothing and accessories line for Hot Topic, and a deal in the works for a boutique label under Warner Music. Do you think Perez’s commentary will become less harsh now that he has celeb status himself? [Wired] Keep reading »

Is Internet Fame All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Wired.com recently created an algorithm widget-thingamajig called Celebrity Meter, which will tell you exactly how internet famous you are by tallying the number of webpages linking to you and how many friends you have on various social networks. But before you go running off to calculate whether you’re famous enough to need an alias the next time you make dinner reservations or a bodyguard when you go out in public, think about what it actually means to be internet famous. Will designers start clamoring to dress you? Will the tabloids start seeing a ‘baby bump’ every time you indulge in a burger? And will John McCain spoof you in his next campaign ad? Just how different is internet fame from real life fame? To get a better idea, let’s compare two archetypes: Julia Allison, who’s internet famous (and WIRED Magazine’s covergirl this month), and Jessica Simpson who’s real life famous. Both women are in their late 20’s, both admittedly love the limelight and all things girlie, and both are interested in promoting themselves as brands. So how do they stack up against one another? Keep reading »

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