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Could Moonboots Become The New Uggs?

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Quick Tip Of The Day: Warm Your Core And Your Body Will Follow

When the temperature gets down below 30, all attempts at looking good go out the window. I put tights under my jeans, layer three pairs of socks, and wear a knit hat that messes up my hair. One of the bad things about layering is that putting a thick, long-sleeved sweater under a coat can result in that awful, stuffed-sausage feeling and an inability to move your arms the way you normally do. To give yourself a wider range of motion, put a thin, insulated vest under your coat instead of tons of long-sleeved layers. Your core will be warm, and your arms won’t be impeded. And, lucky for you, outdoorsy companies like Land’s End and L.L.Bean are having post-holiday sales just as the real cold sets in. [Polarthin Insulator Vest, $24.99 on sale, Land's End] Keep reading »

Poll: Would You Wear Leg Warmers To Ward Off The Cold?

Would You Wear Leg Warmers To Ward Off The Cold?

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A.S.I.S. Crochet Chain Necklace

Sometimes, when it’s really cold outside, our jewelry drops so much in temperature that wearing it gives us the chills. Since we don’t need another reason to shiver, we’ll be accessorizing with the crochet-covered chains from A.S.I.S. (Angela Spencer’s Irresistible Stuff) for the next few months. With cotton yarn covering most of the chunky chain, it’s jewelry that’s all bundled up for winter. [$86, Edge Of Urge] Keep reading »

How Do We Feel About Russian Fur Hats?

Yesterday, we asked how you felt about berets being back. (Let’s just say your answers varied.) So here’s another winter look we’re putting out to the jury—the ginormous fur hat, last seen loitering on various NYC hipsters, some skinny actress during her Aspen vacation and/or at the Sundance Film Festival. These Russian-inspired caps have a wide range in price. Some, like this Adrienne Landau version (left), go for as much as $400 because they’re made of real fur. But if you’re not into being a crazy person who spends half a month’s rent on a hat, Urban Outfitters has one (right) to fit your budget at less than $30.

One thing’s for certain—they certainly look warm. So, thoughts? Keep reading »

Puffy Vs. Pea Coat: Which Is Your Winter Go-To?

There are two approaches to winter fashion—either you’re a utilitarian and go for a heavy-duty parka (well, a cute, one of course), or you’re a wool/swing/pea coat kinda gal. There are benefits and downfalls to both. With a puffy jacket, you don’t have the best piece to transition from day to night, but you’re always warm. Pea coats may show off your legs and flatter your figure more, but let’s face it, they’re no second skin.

So which are you? Or maybe you’re a little bit of both? Or are there other options we’re missing? (Oh shush, you lucky people who live in year-round beach climates and don’t need to worry about looking cute while freezing to death.) Keep reading »

4 Cute Earmuffs To Cozy Up To

Hey, cupcake! It’s getting cold, isn’t it? Want a cute way to keep warm? Here are our picks for some cozy earmuffs — they won’t mess up your hairstyle and are guaranteed to garner smiles. Check them out after the jump! Keep reading »

Selk Bags: The Least Fashionable Way To Stay Warm This Winter

The dilemma of winter fashion—most cute coats don’t actually keep you warm. So, you go the utilitarian route and zip up into a sporty North Face or something else equally puffy. Or, you take things one step further and just cover your entire body in weather-resistant material. Enter the Selk Bag, full-body suits made from sleeping bags. For those who are perpetually cold in the winter (no matter what), this is basically a dream garment. Same goes for people who like to literally roll out of bed. If only you didn’t have to look like an astronaut while you wear one … [What's Wrong With The Zoo] Keep reading »

Glamourpuss: Why Socialites Shouldn’t Be Allowed Near Sewing Machines

Can socialites please stop designing horrible clothing? Who is even letting these women get near sewing machines? Gigi Mortimer and Courtney Moss are two socialite moms. Not just any moms, though. They’re also hockey moms, and it was at a hockey game that the two came up with the idea for an accessories range: “[They] were lamenting the fact that it’s all too easy to opt for jeans and jackets. Even hockey games merit a bit of chic, n’est pas?” Try n’est-no. What resulted is a collection called Glamourpuss, which includes neckwarmers in a variety of jelly bean colors called “fur funnels” made of rabbit fur and leather. What’s the “foxy mitten” made out of? We think you can guess.

Next up for the Glamourpuss team—a range of swimsuits. Courtney Moss explains, “…There’s something about fur and swimsuits together that just works, right?” Huh. That’s a new one for us. [FashionWeekDaily.com] Keep reading »

Would You Pay Over $100 For Cute Mittens?

The first sign of cold, and we’re already eagerly scoping out winter goods. (We know. It can be a problem.) So we were smitten when we came across these Steven Alan mittens—the perfect cute-combo with their fingerless gloves, cozy-looking cashmere, and cool metallic leather. Even the name is rad: Glittens!

But alas, the $128 price tag cast a harsh frostbite over our find. Sure, when it comes to a winter coat, it’s natural to invest some bones … but justifying the idea of gloves as an investment piece? Not so sure.

Would you spring for (or ahem, fall in this case), these “Glittens”? [StevenAlan.com] Keep reading »

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