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Unlikely Style Inspiration: Audrey In “Metropolitan”

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Tuesday night I went to a special screening of Whit Stillman’s “Metropolitan,” with a Q&A with the director and actor Chris Eigeman after. I forgot how much I loved this movie, which is an ode to all things prep and Upper East Side in the late ’80s. The characters are all having existential crises about what it means to be wealthy and privileged but bored, and they all deal with a “poor” Chelsea interloper by the name of Tom Townsend, a ginger-haired pseudo-socialist who challenges their position. Nothing much happens in the movie, but it does set the scene and set off the fascination with the privileged life of New York socialites, and probably in some ways helped set the scene and success for stuff like “Gossip Girls.” Anyway, the heroine of the film, if there’s any, is Audrey, a wisp of a richie girl whose innocence and beauty captures the imagination of Tom. She is the ultimate preppy chick, which is why we’ve decided to copy her style after the jump.

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