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Mind Of Man: Where To Meet Men

I’ll tell you where to find eligible, sensitive, loving, manly men are, and that’s Queens, which is like Brooklyn, if Brooklyn didn’t try so hard. This magical borough in New York City is positively thick with emo blog hacks from Texas. But if this gritty urban paradise isn’t convenient, then the next best place to meet men is, you know, wherever. Keep reading »

The Best (And Worst) Cities To Meet Men

If you’re single and looking for a great guy, how many times have you cursed the city you live in for its lack of eligible bachelors? Maybe you’ve even contemplated moving somewhere else where the pickins are a bit more favorable. Luckily, The Daily Beast has taken all the guess work out of where your next home should be. They searched cities around the country and found the best (and worst) spots to meet men. Measuring cities with populations of at least 500,000, they ruled out suburbs (too many married men) and focused “primarily on which places had the highest numbers of eligible men, percentage-wise.” They also “gave credit to cities with the highest percentage of single men with four-year college degrees,” as well as those with the most places to meet men per capita, including gyms, bars, restaurants, clubs, and theaters (what, no dog parks??). In total, 36 cities were included in the “very scientific” study. After the jump, check out the top ten best and the top ten worst. Keep reading »

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