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Where To Meet Him: Charity Fundraisers

This month’s Elle Magazine has kind of a good idea. Rather than logging on to Match.com or waiting to bump into a hottie at the grocery store, start scoping men at charity fundraisers. Why? Because if they care about a cause you do, then you already have something in common and an easy way to start a conversation. And since they had to buy a reasonably expensive ticket to get in, they’re bound to be a little more together than the guy you’d meet at your local dive bar. And, hey, if there’s no one there to your liking, no biggie—enjoy yourself and know you’re supporting a good cause. While I’m not saying to go to fundraiser events as a way of boyfriend shopping, I am saying that if you get an invite to a gala or come across something you’d like to support, it may not hurt to test the waters. [Elle]
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Where To Meet Him: The Guinness Factory

Last week, I was visiting a friend across the pond, and we made a stop at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. In a beautifully renovated building originally erected in 1904, we learned how Guinness beer is made, drank a few pints, and got picked up by two guys. Keep reading »

Where To Meet Him: An Unemployment Circle

As the unemployment rate continues to rise, job clubs are becoming the hot spot for those desperately seeking employment, because they offer networking opportunities and group therapy. But job clubs can also be a great place to meet a man. Keep reading »

Where To Meet Him: Quiet Parties

Yesterday while flipping though my new issue of Time Out New York I spotted a listing in the “Seek” section under the heading “Dating” that made me take pause. It was an announcement for a “Quiet Party,” a singles event where, get this, participants are not allowed to talk (I guess that’s one way to take care of rule #3…). Instead of speaking with each other, party guests are asked to write notes to each other, nonverbally flirt (rule #2!) and buy a minimum of two drinks (“Once this playful foundation mixes with a little alcohol, inhibitions disappear and notes begin to fly,” the website explains.). Hey, as far as I’m concerned, it beats screaming at each other over loud voices and thumping music in some bar. Plus, I’m all for anything that gives writerly word nerds a little edge. Keep reading »

Where To Meet Him: The Corduroy Club

Now you know how we all met our last significant others, but the question most of you are wondering is how are you going to meet your next significant other. Well, welcome to a brand new Frisky feature we’re calling “Where To Meet Him” in which we give you some info on events, happenings, and places you’re likely to find some interesting guys.

In honor of today’s date (11/11), our first “Where To Meet Him” subject is the Corduroy Appreciation Club, a “social club for people who like corduroy.” Meetings take place on dates which resemble corduroy, like January 11th, or 1|11, and today, November 11th, 11|11. Meetings, where members must wear at least two items of Corduroy, feature “secret rituals,” a keynote speaker, and a member open forum with “member inspired poetry, prose, song, artwork, dances, etc.” Geeky, artsy guys in corduroy? Sign me up! Keep reading »

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