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What’s It Like…Being A Sex Writer?

What’s it like to be a sex writer? Inquiring minds want to know. To find out, we asked Lux Alptraum, editor of sex blog Boinkology and Gawker Media’s Fleshbot, and a Heeb100. After spending a decade covering the wild world of sex, Lux reveals what a day in the life of a sex writer is like, how covering sex affects her love life, and why sex will never be boring. Keep reading »

What’s It Like…Being In An Interracial Marriage?

I am white. My husband is black. Our daughter is…well…she’s like that great flavor of “World Class Chocolate” at Baskin-Robbins, which is a sweet, delectable combination of white and dark chocolate, blended to perfection. When the grocery store checker, or the dentist, or our insurance salesman, or the shoe store clerk, or one of my college students who sees her picture in my office asks where she gets her curly hair or if she’s “mixed,” I usually reply, “Yes, she’s biracial,” (for I’ve always thought “mixed” to be used only for dogs and cocktails). I answer this question three or four times a day and often wonder if I should just stick a sign on her that reads “Yes, my father is black.” Keep reading »

What’s It Like Dating A Guy In Jail?

“You look beautiful,” he says. He looks snuggly in his uniform: white t-shirt over a thermal shirt, green cotton pants and black Chinese slippers.

I love theme parties. The theme for jail visits is “Modest Dress,” defined by the Jail Administration as no visible shoulders, cleavage, knees or toes. No sweatpants, nothing tight. I’ve discovered that they only seem to notice stretchy-tight — tailored-tight doesn’t read the same way– so I dress the way sluts did in my mother’s day: pencil skirt, satin blouse with buttons and darts. I put heels in my purse and wear sneakers because I have to take two buses and two trains. Jail is a large imposing building in the middle of nowhere.

At the main entrance to jail there are lockers for purses, coats, wallets and keys. I give my ID to Officer Hunk, who is 6’4” and bass-voiced and all the ladies flirt with him. He checks it against Darling Boyfriend’s visitor list and hands me a receipt in triplicate.

“You look beautiful,” he says. He looks snuggly in his uniform: white t-shirt over a thermal shirt, green cotton pants and black Chinese slippers.

He’s awfully pale from being indoors. Behind him is the unit where he spends all of his time. It is two-tiered and looks like on TV.

The counter is on his side too and we perch on it, our legs side by side, shouting to be heard through the grate in the frame of the window. Visits are 15 minutes long but if there’s no one waiting they can be much longer. It’s up to Curly to decide which visiting bay to shut down and when. Curly has a little crush on me so while the guards chase out other visitors Darling and I are left alone. We talk about what we’re reading, a trip we have planned for Vancouver this summer since my mom thinks he’s there now. I notice anew that he has the most perfect ears and artistic hands. These observations are accompanied by achingly physical recollections of private moments. We get ninety whole minutes together but eventually the knock comes. It’s hard to leave but best to exit promptly. We blow kisses, mouth ‘I love you’s. I leave jail grinning.

What’s It Like Being A Mom Who Does Burlesque?

Putting on pasties for the first time was fabulous. Putting on pasties for the first time while lactating—well, that was fabulous and messy. But no matter what, I refuse to turn them in!

Before I became a mom, I regularly emceed a bunch of New York-based burlesque shows (Starshine Burlesque, Le Scandal, and Red Hots Burlesque to name a few) and I found that audiences enjoyed my raunchy persona, a combination of Elvira’s boobs and wardrobe, Ethel Merman’s voice and Rudy Ray Moore’s mouth (and if you don’t know who Rudy Ray Moore is, I encourage you to get schooled immediately). But once I had a kid, everyone seemed to assume that I would change, that I’d become more, oh, I don’t know, virginal. I always thought that was kind of odd. After all, I had an 8 pound 12 ounce infant pop out of my vag, so there was no longer anything even remotely virginal about me (not like there had been before).
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Hey, What’s It Like Being A Lingerie Designer?

Would you take your clothes off for Kathryn Hull? The budding twenty-something designer of Deshabille Lingerie sits down with The Frisky to discuss who’s wearing her panties, creative freedom, and whether romance is alive and kicking.

Why underthings?
Honestly, I designed clothes for various companies for years and I found that I personally loved to wear black and grey colors with simple and classic silhouettes without a lot of trims and crap. But, when I designed I gravitated towards lace, pink silks, and uber feminine fabrics and color palette. I had this internal struggle and so I began to think…what can I do with this? How and where can one wear this?
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Hey, What’s It Like Being A Gynecologist?

After nine years at Brooklyn’s New York Methodist Hospital, OBGYN Josine Veca has seen it all. Here she gives The Frisky her diagnosis of what women want when they stop by.

What are common concerns for women when they come to see you?
It varies by age group. Younger patients, 30 and below, are usually concerned with STDs, birth control, or, if not, trying to prevent pregnancy. As the women get older and are approaching menopause, they’re worried about hot flashes, irregular periods, and symptoms that may be unusual. I’d estimate that 30 to 40 percent are concerned with a mixture of those issues.

How much prying do you have to do or do most women come in with their own specific questions?
A lot of women who come in with their own questions are very comfortable talking about sex. But if they don’t, the subject usually comes up when I’m interviewing them. At first they may be tentative, but the idea is to open communication
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