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What We Missed: Chattin’ About “Ornamental” Women In Magazines, Perez Hilton’s Bathing Pic & The Best Color To Wear In Your Online Dating Profile

Watch! Watch! Watch!
Last Week's Episode!
Sexy language barriers! Going bare-faced! And Justin Bieber's dead hamster! Read More »

Another week, another round of stories we didn’t get a chance to write about! I discuss the kerfluffle surrounding the Esquire UK editor who said that the women featured in his magazine are purely “ornamental,” Jessica reviews the controversy over Perez Hilton’s practically naked bathtime photo with his newly adopted baby boy, and Ami has some news on what color we should be wearing in our online profiles if we want to get men to notice us. Watch above and share your thoughts in the comments!

What We Missed: Sexy Language Barriers, Going Bare-Faced & Bieber’s Dead Hamster Trends On Twitter

"We Got Down To Basics, Tout Suite!"
Last Week's Episode
Talkin' Mercury, manicures and Miley! Watch »

I’m baaaaaack! Did you miss me? In this week’s episode of What We Missed, I break out my Google Translation app in order to discuss the perks of having a major language barrier when romancing someone. For example, you’re forced to really listen to each other. Also, we reflect on the death of Justin Bieber’s hamster, mostly to mourn the downfall of society that such a thing is even a Twitter trending topic and to rail against people (celebs and commoners alike) who adopt/buy animals when they’re not fully prepared to care for them. (Also, I reveal my own crazy super fan past!) And lastly, we chat about recent stats about when women finally go makeup-free in front of new boyfriends. Personally, I go barefaced pretty early, but totally sneak out of bed in the morning to brush my teeth before he wakes up. I put off exposing him to my morning breath for as long as possible! Watch the episode above and share your thoughts on all these stories in the comments!

What We Missed: Mercury, Manicures & Miley

"Not Miley!"

This week on What We Missed: Miley Cyrus’s relationship woes, the scourge of Mercury in Retrograde, Jennifer Aniston’s social standing and Ami’s never-ending fungal infection. Yes, we cover a lot! Watch and share your thoughts, comments and suggestions for Ami’s finger in the comments.

"What We Missed" Ep. 7
Cohabitating, Starbucks and so much more! Read More »
What We Missed
Cheese sex and hairy legs. Watch »
What We Missed
Anne Hathaway, Plan B and music nostalgia. Plus Andy! And Lucca! Read More »

What We Missed: Talkin’ Anne Hathaway, Plan B & Music Nostalgia! Plus, A Special Guest!

Oh, And Lucca Show Off Her Humping Skills!

Our special guest* in this week’s episode is our friend Andy Scott from Celebuzz, who dropped by our office (down the hall from his) to talk about his recent revelation that he’s not so fond of Anne Hathaway. Then he stuck around to listen to us prattle on about the importance of having access to Plan B, and get nostalgic about the music of our youths. Check out the episode above and share your thoughts — do you dislike Anne Hathaway? have you ever taken Plan B? do you frown upon the music of today? — in the comments!

* Well, there are two special guests if you include Lucca, who wanted to show you guys her humping skills before we started the show. (To answer your questions before you ask: 1) she only humps soft toys, 2) yes, I’m sure she’s a girl, and 3) yes, I totally encourage it because I don’t want to shame her for expressing her sexuality/need to dominate.)

What We Missed: Jessica Finally Reads 50 Shades Of Grey & Amelia Wants To Know If You’d Date Your Pet

Would You Date Your Dog?
Do You Keep A Sex List?
Check out last week's episode! Read More »

In this week’s episode of “What We Missed”: Jessica finally gets around to reading 50 Shades Of Grey and has some thoughts on whether it’s anti-feminist or that badly written; Ami vents about uncomfortable elevator interactions; Rachel makes us huff on The Body Shop’s new line of absinthe-scented products; and I wonder if my dog Lucca would make a good human boyfriend.

What We Missed: Do You Keep A List Of All The People You’ve Slept With?

"Why wouldn't I keep a list of people I've had sex with?

Oh, don’t mind me. I was just busy working on my list of past sexual partners. Is that a strange thing to do? I’ve read a number of articles on the subject recently and was fascinated to see a number of commenters on those posts remarking on it being a weird thing to do. To be honest, once my number of sexual partners got into the double digits, I started keeping a list. And then I slacked off on the list and forgot about it, until this week, when I decided to make my list from scratch. While I have a gut feeling I’m missing a dude or two, I am proud to say that I remember all but ONE first name. Go me! Anyway, I and the rest of the Frisky gals discuss keeping sex lists, as well as a few other juicy topics — nail polish for Muslim women, storing data in DNA double helixes and whether beards are sexy or gross — in this week’s episode of What We Missed. Enjoy! And obviously I expect you to share whether you keep a list of your sex partners or not. 

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