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August 29: What Are We Wearing Today?

How is it (almost) Labor Day already? Summer, I barely knew you. Sigh. Click on to see what we — plus a couple surprise guests — are wearing today. And, no, you’re not seeing double. A couple of us are Twins-ing today…

August 28: What Are We Wearing Today?

Is it sunny? Is it rainy? Is it one million degrees? YOU TELL ME. (For the record, yes, it has been all of these things today.) Aaaaanyway, I think we’re all trying to get some final mileage out of our favorite summer clothes before it’s, like, snowing and shit. Come check us out, why don’t you?

August 22: What Are We Wearing Today?

Special edition alert! We happened to catch SpinMedia account manager and resident lothario Michael on, duh, Suit & Tie Thursday, and clearly we were unable to contain ourselves. It’s not every day a gentleman graces the estrogen-saturated Frisky offices, y’know? He vocalized some concern over appearing on here because of a fear of “mean commenters,” but I of course assured him that, no, we have the nicest commenters! Right, guys? Anyway, play nice.

August 21: What Are We Wearing Today?

And just when we thought the 90-degree days of summer had come to an end! Srsly, it’s almost September. How insane is that? Check out what the O.G. crew is wearing today…

August 19: What Are We Wearing Today?

Hey, there are some new faces, or at least outfit-wearers, in today’s “What Are We Wearing” — three readers who are among those who posted their outfits to Pinterest using the hashtag #WhatAreWeWearing. Want to be included in an upcoming gallery? Here’s what to do:

  • Step 1: Follow us on Pinterest at @TheFrisky
  • Step 2: Upload a photo of what you’re wearing and add details about your outfit.
  • Step 3: Be sure to hashtag #WhatAreWeWearing!

Once a week, we’ll add your pins to our board! And now, click on to see what we — and some of you! — are wearing today!

August 15: What Are We Wearing Today?

Hey guyssssss. Whatcha doin’ today? I am so hungry right now, and I would really like to have a grilled cheese. If you could have anything right now, what would it be? To eat, I mean. To eat. Aaaaanyway, here’s what we’re wearing today…

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