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January 16: What Are We Wearing Today?

The weekend is so close I can taste it! And it tastes like Rocky Road Ice Cream!

January 15: What Are We Wearing Today?

Hey guys, it’s me Lucca! Have you missed me? I haven’t been in the office since before the holidays, but boy, did I need a vacation! It’s nice to be back at work though, making the internet, bothering Auntie Ami while she eats her popcorn, humping my office boyfriend (Kevin, a stuffed bear), barking to let everyone know when the mailman has arrived, etc. How this place survived without me, I don’t know. Anyway, last bit of business before I go home and relax with some kibble and a new episode of “Top Chef” … what are we my mom and my Aunties wearing today? Let’s find out!

January 14: What Are We Wearing Today?

What a fantastic question! What are we wearing today? Why don’t you click to find out…

January 8: What Are We Wearing Today?

It’s still colder than a witch’s tit outside. Yesterday, I saw icicles inside the subway station. And the thing is, I know compared to the midwest, a few days of single digit temps is no big deal. Those of you who live where it routinely drops below zero – how do you handle this? It’s so very hard for me to fathom what anything colder than this feels like. Please advice! In the meantime, here’s what we’re wearing today!

January 7: What Are We Wearing Today?

Brrrrrr, bitch. We’re back! In the office, I mean, and we braved a POLAR VORTEX to get here. Click on to see what we’re wearing in our first outfit post of 2014!

December 16: What Are We Wearing Today?

Welp, it’s in the 20s outside, so I have nothing to say but BRRRRRRRRRR!

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