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May 30: What Are We Wearing Today?

WWWT: May 29, 2013
What The Frisky Editors Are Wearing On May 29, 2013
Check out what we were wearing on Wednesday! Plus, it's Lu's B-Day! Read More »

Heyo! I was about to congratulate us all on making it through May, but then I figured I should probably check to be sure it was the last day of May before I said that. And what do you know, it isn’t the last day of May! There’s one more. So it’s, uh, the penultimate day of May, and I’m stupid. I hope you’re all fine with that. Anyway, it’s crazy nice out today, and very, very hot. It feels so good. Check out what we’re wearing today, and meet Julia, our brand-new marketing intern …

May 29: What Are We Wearing Today? (Video!)

What The Frisky Editors Are Wearing On May 29, 2013
P.S. It's Lucca's Birthday!

Before we get down to business and Rachel, Ami, Julie, Jessica, Megan and I tell you about what we’re wearing today, please indulge me and wish Frisky mascot and my beloved BFF, Lucca, a Happy 7th Birthday. Okay, so technically her birthday was Monday, May 27, but she had a two-day birthday pancake hangover and couldn’t make it in to work until today. Party gal!

May 28: What Are We Wearing Today?

Yes, it’s May 28th, but it feels like September 28th, yo. At least until tomorrow when we get struck by a heat wave. Weather! It’s so sick. As a result, we’ve got all sorts of conflicting outfits going on today. Come check ‘em out…

May 23: What Are We Wearing Today?

Oh, just another rainy day in New York! The weather is seriously troubling today — warm and humid with the complimentary addition of A TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR. Love it. Let’s see what we’re wearing in our efforts to combat the deluge…

May 22: What Are We Wearing Today?

Happy hump day, y’all. (Also, World Goth Day!) We’re bummed because today is intern Sarah’s last day, and we are really going to miss her. We may just have to follow her to wherever she lands next. Whatever, not creepy. Come see what we’re wearing today!

May 21: What Are We Wearing Today? (Video!)

"Star Trek" Week Is So Hot I Gotta Wear Shades

It’s 80 degrees outside, bitches! That’s more like it, Mother Nature! In today’s What Are We Wearing video, all of us have in some way embraced the delightfully balmy May weather. Learn about how I took my outfit inspiration from Lwaxana Troi, Ami’s thoughts on her new short ‘do, Rachel’s problems with rompers, and so so so much more!

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