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June 17: What Are We Wearing Today?

Today’s weather report is brought to you by eight Frisky staffers/interns, all decked out in dresses and skirts, which means it’s blissfully balmy. Click on to see what we’re wearing on this perfectly temperatured June day…

June 13: What Are We Wearing Today? (Video!)

What The Frisky Editors Are Wearing
Sorry, I Was Eating

I know about “June gloom” and all that, but still, the weather this month has been seriously confusing. Yesterday, it was sunny and 81 degrees. Today and tomorrow are rainy and cool. This weekend is back to being beach-worthy. Who knows what’s in the cards for next week. (Although, after Wednesday I don’t care, because then I’m off to Nicaragua!) The tan I have been trying to build is not being given the reliable sunshine it needs to THRIVE. Anyway, enough with the complaining. Let’s see what the unpredictable weather report compelled us to wear today!

June 12: What Are We Wearing Today?

It is June 12th today. I feel it necessary to clarify this because I was dating everything as June 13th until I checked to be sure, like, five minutes ago. I am getting it all wrong with the dates lately. WHAT IS TIME? Please explain. This could be a lengthy conversation, so before we get into it, come look at what we’re wearing today. Sadly, with the exception of Amelia, who is working from home today. WE MISS YOU, AMELIA, IT IS LIKE “LORD OF THE FLIES” AROUND HERE WITHOUT YOU, AND I AM PIGGY.

June 11: What Are We Wearing Today?

Praise be the weather gods, because today started out dismally, with more rain forecasted for later in the afternoon, but the sun was like whatever and just came out instead. Perfect, no? It’s about time we start feeling some summertime air around here. Today is a special edition of WWWT because Winona dispatched her outfit from Nashville, and as you well know, Winona makes everything a little more special. Come check out what we’re all wearing today!

June 5: What Are We Wearing Today? (Video!)

What The Frisky Staff Is Wearing On June 5, 2013
Hurray For Natural Lighting!

The sun is shining! The birds are tweeting! Flowers are blooming! And we’ve ventured outside for What Are We Wearing Today! Hurrah for natural lighting and the confused stares of random passersby! And we have a special guest! Kelly Lynch, editor of Celebuzz, one of our sister sites at Spinmedia, is in town and she looked so delightfully preptastic that I begged her to tell all of you what she’s wearing today. So meet her and see what the rest of us are rockin’ by pressing PLAY above!

June 4: What Are We Wearing Today?

IT’S FINALLY SUMMER! I think. Pretty sure. Sure seems like it! We’ve got quite the full house at The Frisky HQ today, with Ami’s lovely parents making an appearance, as well as Casey, our new marketing intern. This must come as a huge relief to you all, since you’re probably bored of seeing our same old faces day after day. You are, aren’t you? I get it, whatever. ANYWAY! Come see what we’re all wearing today!

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