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Erin’s Style Diary: Thursday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • vintage Chloe necklace
  • Dear: dress
  • canvas and copper thrift store belt–$1.99!
  • black wool tights
  • Zucca boots

Last winter when people first started talking about thigh-high boots, I got a little fixated on this pair by this cool Japanese brand, Zucca. Admittedly, they’re kind of heinous/tragically fashion victim-y, but at the time my obsession-addled brain liked how the buttery soft leather could scrunch up or down (so versatile!) and the fact that they were: a) flats and b) espresso brown made them seem a lot less slutty than black stiletto thigh-highs. Today I will give ‘em this: These monsters are comfy! Of course, nothing is more comfortable and infinitely wearable than my Dear: dress. This ultra-chic Korean couple in my neighborhood have a gorgeous all-white store (and dog named Dumbo!) and their design aesthetic seems to be very Japanese-meets-Belgian–think Comme des Garcons and Margiela–which I love. My boyfriend noticed that I was all swoony over this black sheath, and surprised me with it for my birthday. That was awfully thoughtful of him. Also, it has pockets. Yay. Keep reading »

Erin’s Style Diary: Wednesday

What I’m Wearing Today:

Well, it’s too bad I wear all black most of the time, because it’s quite difficult to photograph without professional assistance. Sooo based on this picture, you probably think I’m walking around this piece looking like Lady Gaga today. Here’s the real deal: The cocoon jacket is somewhat billowy, but when you put your arms down, it drapes and gathers nicely (not as dramatic-looking), has tight sleeves for contrast and definition, and it’s made of the softest, comfiest sweatshirt material ever. It’s also sold out at the moment, but maybe Wal-Mart will restock. We’ve been pretty crazy about Norma Kamali‘s line there ever since it dropped–it’s so cheap, shipping is a breeze, and everything is shockingly well-made. Anyhoo, the sweatshirt-y piece is a great way to make a mini-dress (this one has cute zipper embellishments) more daytime-friendly, though I’m pretty sure 98 percent of workplaces would not consider this getup “office appropriate.” Keep reading »

Erin’s Style Diary: Tuesday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Comme Des Garcones for H&M men’s cardigan
  • Vivienne Westwood dress
  • black tights
  • vintage ankle boots

I’ve craved something, anything, by Vivienne Westwood for a long time, but it’s very hard to find her stuff in the U.S., and when it’s available, it’s stupid expensive. I scored some of her bondage pants on eBay earlier this year, but they were a little too crazy looking–even for me–so I ended up dumping them at Buffalo Exchange. But I recently wandered into this cute store in my neighborhood called TG-170 and they had this dress on sale, in my size, so I decided to splurge and wear it as a holiday dress this year. I’m going to a party after work, but I thought throwing a sweater over it made it more work-appropriate. Also, one of my legs is not shorter than the other, even if it may look that way in this picture. Sheesh. Keep reading »

Erin’s Style Diary: Monday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Thrift Store Blazer
  • American Apparel T-shirt
  • Patrizia Pepe Jeans
  • Sam Edelman Zoe Boots
  • Yves Saint Laurent bag

This is what I refer to as “my uniform,” which is basically an easy go-to consisting of my favorite old jeans (which miraculously fit even after consuming T-day extravaganza food and drink all weekend), a soft t-shirt and my most beloved recent thrift store purchase. Today I’m wearing some ridiculously high platforms because I’ve been obsessing over humongous shoes ever since my foster dog ate my pair of four-inch-plus pony skin Louboutin wedges. It’s a recession, so these are suede and by Steve Sam Edelman, cry-cry (kidding). I probably could’ve saved even more money buying them at a sex shop though. Keep reading »

Amelia’s Style Diary: Thursday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Theory Leather Jacket
  • Missoni Scarf (birthday gift from Simcha!)
  • Gap Shirt
  • J.Crew Jeans
  • Hunter rain boots

Catherine says that I look like I’m going somewhere classy upstate to shoot clay pigeons, and I really can’t come up with a better description than that. It’s supposed to rain in New York this afternoon/evening and the only thing that quells my phobia of going out in the rain (seriously, I have one) is my Hunter rain boots, because they are stylish and keep my feet and the hem of my jeans (tucked inside, obvs) dry. Simcha gifted me this vintage scarf for my b-day and I squealed when I opened it because it’s Missoni and that crap costs major bucks new. Keep reading »

Amelia’s Style Diary: Wednesday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Lorick Dress
  • Red Bird Cargidan/Vest
  • Club Monaco Blazer
  • Gold Chain Necklace (birthday gift!)
  • J.Crew Tights
  • J.Crew Shoes
  • Moscot Glasses

So, aside from the tights and dress (this one is by the designer who does Blair’s mom’s line on “Gossip Girl”), I am wearing the same outfit as Monday. I’m a creature of habit, y’all. Seriously, I just can’t not wear these shoes! They’re so cute and fancy and, also, all my other heels need to be resoled, so there’s that. Anyway, I decided to take it up a notch today, after yesterday’s slobfest. And I’m wearing my glasses more: A) because I love them and B) because I need to place a new order at 1-800-Contacts. Anyway, loving my outfit today. Very happy with it. Keep reading »

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