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Cafe Lets Patrons Pay With … Kisses?

No cash at the coffee shop? No problem. If you’re at the Metro St. James coffeehouse in Sydney, Australia, you’re allowed to pay with a kiss. No, you don’t have to makeout with the pimply barista — the crew at the Metro just want to watch. All this month, the cafe is running a special…

By: Julie Gerstein / June 4, 2013

Ke$ha’s Ghostly Romp & 7 Other Sexual Encounters Of The Third Kind

We’re not followers of Ke$ha’s music, but after hearing about the inspiration for her latest song, “Supernatural,” we’re, well, haunted. “It’s about experiences with the supernatural… but in a sexy way,” she told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show. “I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural. I don’t know his name! He wa…

By: Ami Angelowicz & Amelia McDonell-Parry / September 27, 2012

Sex For Cheeseburgers: Christine Baker Offered Favors For Two Doubles, Cops Say

She was lovin’ it a little too much. Manatee resident Christine Faith Baker, 47, was arrested after she allegedly offered sexual favors for two McDonald’s dollar-menu cheeseburgers, according to the Miami Herald.

An undercover officer invited Baker into his car on Friday and started talking about sex. Baker allegedly said that her fee wa…

By: The Huffington Post / April 4, 2012

Ghostly Groping, Reptilian Romp & Sasquatch Assault: 6 Sexual Encounters Of The Third Kind

A couple of weeks ago we heard about a family who witnessed some ghosts getting freaky in their living room, but at least those humping haunts had the decency to keep their phantasmagorical paws to themselves. UK woman, Doris Birch, isn’t quite so lucky. For the last four months, the 73-year-old grandmother claims that she…

By: Ami Angelowicz / November 23, 2011

Woman Finds Creepy Note Inside Her Mail-Ordered Bra Package

Emily McNulty, 23, got more than she bargained for when she ordered a size 32JJ bra and some thongs from Bravissimo, a lingerie maker for big-breasted gals. Inside the package she found a misspelled note that said, “Hey Georgeous, Nice stuff! If you fancy giving me a private show, call me on 07841 ******, Matthew…

By: Nikki Dowling / October 29, 2009