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Do Positive Self-Talk And Affirmations Really Work? Here Are 10 Things To Know


The concept of affirmations is easily one of the most mocked (and supposedly one of the most effective) aspects of the self-help world. While there have been times when they’ve worked for me, there’ve been other times where they felt like a total waste of time. It’s not a cure-all for major blues or definitely doesn’t take the place of therapy or other forms of help, but positive self-talk habits like switching up my inner monologue and forming a greater sense of appreciation has made me a much happier person over time. That said, I’ve had plenty of moments of skepticism when it comes to affirmations. I’d shelved the affirmations thing altogether when a report by NPR’s Laura Starecheski pointed out a slew of scientific research-based reasons they may have failed me in the past. Turns out, there is a specific right and wrong way to go about it, which prompted me to do a little research into small adjustments and truths that might make positive self-talk more worth your time. If you try them out, report back on whether they make a difference!

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The 17 Most Annoying Things About Getting Older

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I’ve been looking in the mirror for the past several weeks, noticing for the first time, that my forehead has perma-wrinkles. I keep slathering on moisturizer, as if dousing my face in enough cream will somehow make those fine lines disappear (news flash, it won’t).

Growing older is the pits — it sneaks up on you without warning and suddenly you look like a saggy faced, scowl-y version of your former self. So in the interest of commiseration, we’ve compiled a list of the 17 absolute most annoying things about aging. Check out our list after the jump, and then share yours in the comments.

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