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Teens Threw Mansion Party, Stole $250K Leopard

Sixteen suspects described as “kids of means” have been arrested after a wild party in a wealthy Los Angeles suburb where a $7 million mansion was trashed and partygoers made off with a bizarre assortment of loot—including a mounted snow leopard valued at $250,000. Read more on Newser …

Man Brands Passed Out Girlfriend’s “Vaginal Area” With His Initials

Man Brands Passed Out Girlfriend's Vaginal Area With His Initials

Meet Christopher Lynn Jackson, an Arizona man who, according to court documents, allegedly branded his initials on his girlfriend’s “vaginal area,” because, he told her, “her vagina was his.”

The incident took place back in May but Jackson’s now ex girlfriend only came forward this week. According to her, Jackson took her to a baseball game and then wanted to go dancing afterwards. She refused because she was tired, so Jackson gave her what he called “energy pills,” but instead of waking her up, she ended up passing out. When she woke up, she felt serious pain in her vaginal area and looked down to see a C and J branded there. Jackson was nearby with branding equipment and a butane torch. A search warrant further confirmed the woman’s allegations and Jackson was arrested for felony aggravated assault. Jackson has allegedly since bragged about branding other previous girlfriends.

And you thought your boyfriend was being an asshole. Put this guy awaaaaay. [Gawker]

Woman Arrested For Pretending To Be A Dentist

Dentist Pick Up Lines
10 things my dentist said that might have been pick up lines. Read More »
Dentist Love
Ami loves going to the dentist. Read More »
Cement Butt Injection
Yes, that's a thing that happened. Read More »
Luz Angela Rios-Ossa

You can pretend to have read Thomas Pynchon. You can pretend you really love cigars. But you cannot and should not ever pretend to be a dentist. Yet, that’s exactly what Luz Angela Rios-Ossa did. Rios-Ossa was arrested by the Fort Lauderdale, Florida — sigh — police for operating a dental office without a license.

Police confiscated a dental chair and tools Rios-Ossa used to examine patients. Her neighbor, Yami Rivera, who actually works at a real licensed dental office, noted,”It’s life-threatening, actually. Yeah, you can catch an infection and die. If you’re not legally a dentist, that’s serious.” Uh huh, you don’t say.

Keep reading »

Today In Terribleness: Florida Women Really Don’t Like It When You Mess With Their Food & Drink

Oatmeal and vodka

The next time you head down to Tampa or Gainsville, keep this in mind: You do not want to mess with a Florida woman’s food or alcohol supply. Case in point, 51-year-old Kari Dangler, of Monroe County, Florida, pulled a handgun on her roommate after her vodka bottle went missing. Dangler’s male roommate hid the bottle of vodka from her, presumably because she was drunk (and prone to brandishing weapons in her inebriated state). When cops confronted her about the incident, she claimed she had only taken out the gun to clean it. Uh huh. She was charged with aggravated assault. But she’s not the only Florida woman to freak over her food or drink… Keep reading »

“That’s Not Drugs, That’s My Nipple,” Says Florida Woman

Breaking Up: Driving Sex
Drunk Driving
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Thank you to Tiana Nicole Calandro of Delray Beach, Florida (yay!), for the arrest excuse of the day. When she was pulled over for speeding, police saw something protruding from her T-shirt pocket and asked what it was. “It’s my nipple,” Calandro responded.

“I advised her I knew what a nipple looked like and that wasn’t a nipple,” the officer wrote in his report. You’d think that would have made her fess up, but no. Calandro swallowed the pill, which turned out to be Dilaudid. The officer tried to get her to spit it out, but that didn’t work either. And that’s how one’s “nipple” can land them in jail with possession charges.  [NJ]

Woman Draws A $1,240 Penis

Penis on Mars!
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Raccoon Bites Penis
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Penis Snatching
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Judging Penises
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Natasha Myers mug shot

Keying penises into the hoods or doors of automobiles is usually the sort of thing a jilted lover does. But not Natasha Myers, of Wesley Chapel, Florida. Natasha (pictured) is an all-purpose dick artist, willing to dick up your car for minor traffic violations, if need be.

Angered over a motorist who refused to yield to pedestrians, Myers tracked down the offending driver’s SUV. Security cameras caught her walking into a nearby supermarket and coming out with a Post-It note. She scribbled out a note and affixed it to the SUV’s windshield. Keep reading »

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