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10 Tips For Getting Along With A Bridezilla

Everyone who’s been a bridesmaid knows the drill. Hideous bubblegum pink chiffon dress you’ll never wear again? Check. Matching jewelry that costs more than the engagement ring? Check. Frumpy flat shoes because the groomsmen look like Keebler elves? Check. It’s not fun, but we handle it because it’s for our friends or family. But how do you deal with bridezilla? How do you combat freakish heights of irrationality, diva demands, emotional vampirism and passive-aggressive power plays? After the jump, 10 tips for keeping a bridezilla at bay. Keep reading »

Why Do Guys Decide To Tie The Knot?

It’s wedding season! Which means you’ve heard the story of how your friend met her soon-to-be-husband like 75 times. But I wonder what the story would sound like from his perspective? I know I’ve often wondered what makes men want to make the jump from trying to get you back to their place for the night to trying to get you to spend forever with them. After the jump, five guys share their reasons for saying “I do.” Keep reading »

Bridal Diapers: Icky Trend Or Urban Myth?

Our girl Erin just sent me a link to the most, as she would say, amazeballs story ever. Wedding days are stressful for a bride-to-be, but did you know that some women worry they’ll have to use the loo after they’re dressed for walking down the aisle? Wedding dresses are often hard to get in and out of, you see, which is why some brides (and I don’t know the percentages but something tells me it’s not that many) wear bridal diapers under their Vera Wang. According to MarieClaire.com:

After a quick Google search I found out that it’s not a joke. Some bridal shops do in fact sell bridal diapers, which to me sounds like they’re probably just taking a box of Depends and jacking up the price (typical wedding maneuver!).

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Cheapskate: Wedding Guest Dresses For Less Than $65!

One of our regular readers, Laurel, is in a bit of a bind. She has a few weddings to attend this summer, but hasn’t anything to wear. Plus, she doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a dress she might not wear again after the summer slew of weddings is over. When you’re in need of a special occasion outfit, a dress is the best way to go because less pieces mean lower cost. So to help Laurel and some of you out, we’ve found 12 dresses for less than $65 that you’ll be able to wear after wedding season. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: Bridesmaid Thinks Wedding Is A Charade

I’m supposed to be a bridesmaid at my friend’s upcoming wedding, but a few months ago, I learned that she cheated on her fiancé. She started lying to me about her communication with the other man and it’s clear she isn’t looking to follow anyone’s advice and is going to do what she wants. Canceling or postponing the wedding, or, god forbid, coming clean to her fiancé are out of the question. Her wedding is a destination affair so I will be paying to fly and stay at a very nice hotel for the weekend; the bridesmaid dresses are costly; and the bachelorette party isn’t going to be cheap either. I find myself starting to resent my friend. She comes crying when she feels confused or lost. but hasn’t really expressed or acknowledged how much this is costing or affecting her friends. I have tried to talk to her, but all I get in return are empty promises and lies. Am I supposed to just go along with it? Send an anonymous letter to her fiancé so they can try and have an honest talk about this? I work hard for my money and I really don’t want spend it on this charade. Is there anything I can do that won’t ruin the friendship? Or, am I being overly judgmental and need to mind my own business? — Reluctant Bridesmaid

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12 Wedding Statistics That’ll Surprise You

TheKnot.com is a resource for everything wedding-related, and also some pretty ridiculous statistics. They surveyed 21,000 couples across the country and what they found out was shockalicious, especially during a recession. You can’t run, you can’t hide, bridezillas are everywhere and June is their month. Check out the freaky findings after the jump! Keep reading »

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