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12 Wedding Statistics That’ll Surprise You

TheKnot.com is a resource for everything wedding-related, and also some pretty ridiculous statistics. They surveyed 21,000 couples across the country and what they found out was shockalicious, especially during a recession. You can’t run, you can’t hide, bridezillas are everywhere and June is their month. Check out the freaky findings after the jump! Keep reading »

20 Things You Don’t Have To Do At Your Wedding

Over the last few weeks I’ve answered a couple wedding-related questions in my “Dear Wendy” column that left me wondering why people are still following outdated “rules” when planning a wedding. One person who wrote me worried that her fiancé would have more guests on “his side” than she’d have on hers; the letter I posted yesterday incited a debate about the etiquette of organizing a wedding party. As someone who got married last summer, I know there can be a lot of outside pressure on the people planning the wedding and it’s easy to lose sight of what’s most important and meaningful to them, so after the jump, a helpful reminder of 20 things you do not have to do at your wedding (no matter what the mother-of-the-bride might say!). Keep reading »

Slim Fast Targets Brides With Fat Cake Toppers

Right about now, some brides are in a desperate race to shed pounds before their June weddings. And Slim Fast has come to their rescue with a new ad campaign that features fat bride cake toppers and asks, “Need to lose a little weight before your wedding?” The admittedly clever ads are definitely sexist, but reflect the culture we live in. Grooms don’t worry about their weight as much as their brides are expected to. That’s kind of funny because the only person I know who has tried Slim Fast to shed pounds is a man. He stopped using the product because it caused him to have grossly nauseating gas. And I also remember hearing that Slim Fast could cause anal leakage, so I think any bride would prefer to have a few extra pounds than to offend her guests with her stench and the possibility of a brown stain on her Vera Wang gown.

Check out two more ads after the jump. And let us know your thoughts on the ads. [BridePop] Keep reading »

Couple Ties The Knot In ER After Tragic Crash

A hospital ER, bridesmaids with casts, blood on gowns and tuxes, a dead groomsmen. I’m thinking that isn’t exactly what 24-year-old Lauren Magee and 23-year-old Tom Hanley of Indiana had envisioned for their wedding day. But yet, it didn’t stop the 100 guests present from being moved to tears as they said, “I do.” Keep reading »

Who’s Been To A Theme Wedding?

We understand the desire to have a wedding that says something about the bride and groom as people, but the whole theme-wedding thing feels a little foreign to us. When the nerds over at GeekSugar came across the jackpot of theme-wedding pictures while surfing Flickr over the weekend — a Super Mario Bros-themed soiree complete with piranha flower center pieces — we decided to get more serious about our search for answers. How much do you have to appreciate the tailoring and chivalry of the Medieval era, for example, before you decide you can’t get married without a hoop skirt? At what point does Super Mario World stop being some game you like and turn into the backdrop for your wedding party pictures? If you’ve ever been to a theme wedding (or had your own!) tell us what it was like in the comments. Bonus points for submitting pics. Keep reading »

Quotable: Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Will Wear Converse At Her Wedding

“I have never in my life thought about what my wedding would be like. I don’t like to be all glammed up. I want my hair to be really natural and I plan on wearing Converse under my wedding dress.”

— “Bachelorette” Ali Fedotowsky on what her wedding will be like. Would you wear sneakers under your white dress? [PopEater] Keep reading »

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