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Weed Weddings Are All The Rage In Colorado

Weed Weddings Are All The Rage In Colorado

Forget an open bar, the coolest way to impress your wedding guests is to pass them a blunt and offer up a plate of THC-laced brownies. That’s right, man, weed weddings — “weedings,” obvs — are the hot new nuptial trend in, where else, Colorado. According to an article in The New York Times — which came out in favor of legalization in an op-ed this weekend — weed weddings involve everything from marijuana-laced baked goods, to pot buds used in boutonnieres and bouquets, to full on smoke dens for guests to chill out in. Part of the appeal is that marijuana typically makes people feel more loving, the perfect vibe for the joining of two souls, ya dig? Keep reading »

Worst Wedding Trend: “You’re Not Invited” Notifications

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I thought wedding culture had hit rock bottom with sexy, “morning after” photo shoots. I was wrong. Things can get worse. According to “The Today Show,” “you’re not invited” alerts are the latest trend for couples who want to notify those who will not be on the guest list.

“Nine out of 10 times, it’s because of lack of space – and the couple feels super guilty,” says Tatiana Byron, founder The Wedding Salon. “These are usually people they’re friendly with, but not close to.” Keep reading »

Wedding Photos: Kites Are The New Balloons

So, yeah, I’m getting married this year, but you knew that. As I’m trying to figure out what the hell to do for my wedding, I’ve been pouring over loads and loads of wedding photographer blogs for inspiration, ideas and a reprieve from the machine that is the got-to-have-the-most-expensive-everything wedding industry. Mostly, I’m not sweating much of the planning—the day is going to be perfect, more because I’m marrying the guy I l-o-v-e, not because the flowers are the exact right shade of coral or peach, but that hasn’t stopped me from becoming completely obsessed with wedding and engagement photo blogs. Seriously, they’re like crack—my Google reader is infested with them! So, seeing as though I scroll through enough photos to make my eyes water up and glaze over each week, there’s been one hilarious trend I’ve noticed … Keep reading »

Brides Are Demanding Botox For Bridesmaids

Hiring a hairstylist and a makeup artist used to be sufficient for the big day, but not anymore. Brides are increasingly demanding or strongly suggesting their bridesmaids, mothers and mothers-in-law get all types of cosmetic enhancements, like Botox, Restylane, and even breast implants. In most cases, the brides are replacing the customary mani/pedi bonding session with trips to an aesthetician, where she foots the bill, but some bridesmaids are actually willing to pay for these treatments themselves. I can understand a bride wanting everything to be perfect on her wedding day, but perfect to me means showing loved ones as themselves. The bride has the right to choose the bridesmaids’ dress, but she has no right to demand cosmetic enhancements. Why risk a friendship over a wrinkle, an acne scar or sun damage? The only way I’d get Botox for a demanding bride is if she paid for it and I could get it in my armpits, which I imagine is extremely painful, but I hate sweat stains. [New York Times] Keep reading »

Wedding Trend: Not Inviting Children

No Kids Allowed! That is what many couples are saying on their wedding invitations. Ten years ago, this wasn’t common, according to U.K. wedding planner Barry Long, but now, he said, about half of the weddings he does have that policy. People haven’t necessarily become child-haters, but brides have become a little more anal about controlling every single aspect of their wedding. Screaming children ruin videos of the momentous event, and they cost just as much to feed as adults, as caterers typically charge per head, even if a few of the heads are only chewing on chicken fingers. But excluding kids can cause rifts between friends, especially if a babysitter cancels, leaving parents with only two choices: bring the kids to the wedding or don’t go. Rhonda Williams, who has two children, refused to go to a friends wedding when this happened and the bride wouldn’t make an exception. Now the two don’t even talk. Even stranger than the wedding couple deciding to leave children out of their big day is when the church decides for them. One couple in England have complained to the Church of England after a vicar ordered a toddler’s removal from their ceremony — he was the bride and groom’s child. [BBC] Keep reading »

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