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This Month In The Lady Mags: Marriage, Marriage, Marriage!

Not sure if you want to spend $3.99 on this month’s Vogue? Don’t worry, we’ve got Wendy Felton, Editor of, here to tell you exactly what’s up on the sex, love, and relationships front in each month’s crop of lady mags.
It’s wedding season! Women’s magazines have put the focus on marriage this month,…

Wendy Felton / June 2, 2008

The Frisky Wedding Gift Guide: 10 Crazy Gifts You Should Totally Register For

The Frisky asked funny men’s site Asylum to come up with their list of unusual wedding gifts that men would love to receive on the big day or, as they referred to it, “15 Awesomely Stupid Wedding Gifts for Guys Getting Hitched”. We came up with our own list of weirdly awesome gifts the ladie…

The Frisky / May 28, 2008

Friday Quickies!

You know where you can find tons of women who love porn? A porn convention. [Asylum]
Phone sex: silly or sultry? [Shine!]
Barack and Michelle Obama — this generation’s JFK and Jackie? [Tango]
Addicted to a-holes, we’ve alllll been there. [College Candy]
How to handle wedding season (when you’re not getting married). [Dear Sugar]

Amelia McDonell-Parry / May 16, 2008