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The Daily Squeeze: My So-Called Life, M.I.A., And Bad Wedding Food

  • Can you wait the 10-or-so hours until tonight’s “Gossip Girl”?
  • ABC is streaming four full episodes of “My So-Called Life.” Relive the ’90s by clicking here, going to “full episodes,” then clicking on “My So-Called Life.” [ABC via BuzzSugar]
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    Is “Tasty Wedding Food” An Oxymoron?

    Wedding season is basically upon us, and do you know what that means? Besides requiring me to purchase gifts I don’t understand (Does anyone need a tureen?), attending a wedding means I won’t be eating. This is not the result of an eating disorder or attempts to squeeze into dresses. When I get a wedding invitation and am asked to check a box — chicken, beef, or fish — I can’t, because I don’t eat any of those things. I went to a wedding last year where they only served roast beef. Everyone at my table (mostly strange, single men) asked me why I wasn’t eating. I said I was getting over the flu. Needless to say, no one asked me to dance. Fortunately, I don’t go to weddings for food or men. Keep reading »

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