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So I’m Engaged: 99% Of Wedding Dresses Are Fugly

This may come as a total shock to you, but there are a lot of hideous wedding dresses. I expected to see a bunch of them when I went on my first wedding dress shopping trip, but, as an admitted shop-a-holic with a pretty decisive “style”, I didn’t expect to find the whole process so difficult. Not to obnoxiously reference that TV show, but you know that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie is engaged to Rub-Mah-Belly-Baby-Aidan and she and Miranda try wedding dresses on and she gets a crazy case of the hives? Well, my reaction to putting on my first bridal gown was not that extreme, but I did get a bit of the clammy palms, cold sweat, and “holy crap”-need to swallow hard. Keep reading »

Should The Fashion Peanut Gallery Get A Voice In Wedding Gown Shopping?

I am taking my first stab at wedding dress shopping in a couple weeks. It’s a ways off before I’m getting married, but I like to shop, so why not start with the fun stuff now? The thing is, maybe it won’t be so fun. ABC News did a report on how family members and friends should, could, and sometimes do react when a bride-to-be tries on a gown that they don’t like. Apparently people get really opinionated about other women’s wedding dresses! Should you tell someone that their dress is heinous? What if it’s just hugely unflattering? My friend Lesley, who is probably the most brutally honest of all of my friends — she openly sneers when you say or do something she doesn’t like — says she would tell me if she hated something I tried on. But then again, if I clearly LOVED it, she might go about indicating her feelings in a more roundabout (passive aggressive perhaps?) way. All of this has got me thinking about how honest I would actually want people to be. I mean it’s my day. But at the same time, I don’t want to be walking down the aisle while everyone whispers, “That thing is hideous!” So I think I would only read consider the opinions of people whose style I personally liked (Agathe are you available?) and who understood that what is considered stylish is in the eye of the beholder. So long as it doesn’t resemble a ball of cotton candy with beading barfed all over it. [ABC News] Keep reading »

Star Couplings: Say Hello To The $3 Million Babies!

  • Jennifer Lopez and her twins Emme and Max appear on the cover of People, the magazine’s third celebrity baby cover in, like, two months. Supposedly the magazine paid $6 million dollars for the deal. [People via DListed]
  • Speaking of J.Lo, designer Vera Wang says that the wedding dress she designed for Lopez’s wedding to Ben Affleck (which never happened) was the most expensive one that she’d ever designed. So, when will it be available at TJ Maxx? [Us Weekly]
  • Uh, weird couple alert. Are Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams dating? [Just Jared]
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    The Daily Squeeze: A Wife In A Brothel, A Man In A Wedding Dress, And A Reason For Divorce

  • A Polish man stopped by his local brothel only to find his wife working there. There goes that 14-year marriage. [Reuters]
  • More men than women (22 percent vs. 11 percent) cite sex as the reason for their divorce. We could have guessed that. [Divorce360]
  • A man’s family found out he was a transvestite when he arrived at his wedding reception wearing a dress. Still, he/she looked beautiful. [Daily Mail]
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    Hopefully, Her Marriage Won’t End Up In The Crapper Like Her Dress

    Choosing a wedding dress is something a lot of women obsess about because they want their day to be the most memorable of their whole lives, or whatever. But when someone offers to pay for the wedding and honeymoon, the dress becomes less important…for some people. Take Jennifer Cannon. She donned a dress made from Charmin Ultra Soft and Ultra Strong when she took her vows in a Charmin-sponsored wedding. That took place in a public restroom. In Times Square. Considering the materials that were used, the dress is actually pretty amazing. Not to mention soft on the tush! [Dlisted] Keep reading »

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