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This Surprise Backstreet Boys’ Groomsmen Performance Is The Wedding Dance To Trump All Others

This performance by newlywed Sean Rajaee and his groomsmen is pretty much my favorite wedding video of all time and I cannot stop watching it on repeat. Rajaee secretly choreographed the dance as a surprise for his bride, and lots of the groomsmen lived out of town and had to learn the routine via video…
By: Claire Hannum / June 28, 2014

Bust A Move: Wedding Dances From Around The World

I love getting down at a wedding. Usually that means busting out some Elaine Benes type dance moves or joining in a Hava Nagila chain. According to this infographic about weddings around the world, it appears I have been missing out. Note to self: Attend more international weddings. I think I could really rock the…
By: Ami Angelowicz / July 2, 2012