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How To Tell Your Wife You’ve Lost Your Wedding Band

Selling Engagement Ring?
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Engaged Without A Ring
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Wearing Rings
wedding rings
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Shit happens. I’ve lost track of the number of married men I know who have lost their wedding bands. Many men, including my husband, have lost their bands within the first year of marriage. In fact, if you are a married and still have your original wedding band, I applaud you.

The reality is, most men are not used to wearing sentimental jewelry. Thus, generally speaking, they don’t exercise caution when wearing their wedding rings. They don’t consider removing their rings before swimming in the ocean. They are blissfully unaware that their fingers shrink in cold weather, making the ring looser. They have yet to develop a protective reflex, balling their fist to prevent the ring from slipping off the finger. But when the chances of a man losing his wedding band is high, the question becomes, “When you lose your ring, how do you tell your wife?” Here are some dos and don’ts… Keep reading »

Does Everyone Wear Their Wedding Ring All The Time?

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wedding rings

Does everyone wear their wedding ring (and engagement ring, if they have one) or is it just me who takes it off, uh, most of the time? Keep reading »

James Franco’s Maybe Got Married But He Definitely Has A Dildo Birthday Cake

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Ahh, James Franco. For his 35th birthday, J.Francs was a gifted a cake topped by a dildo, ball gag, leather whip and anal beads. The cake was presented to him while he was in Miami attending the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, where he picked up an award for being an ally of the LBGTQ community. Franco’s BDSM-themed cake may be a nod to his latest “art house” project, “Interior: Leather Bar,” or it could be a reference to him being a total penis-face. Whichever! Also, did James Franco get married and not invite me to the wedding? Because that looks like a weddin’ rang on his weddin’ rang finger. Or maybe it’s just more performance art.

Hitched: Getting Engaged Without A Ring

hitched photo
Wedding Body Project
hitched photo
Andrea on the expectation that all brides-to-be want to lose weight. Read More »

When you get drunk with your boyfriend at the lake and decide to get engaged while under the influence of a decent-sized bottle of Jim Beam, you don’t exactly get the whole kneel-down, velvet-box proposal. No, what you get is peeling your face off a mattress the next morning and wondering where your pants are and oh my God, donde tacos?, and oh yeah, forever love.

But I’m of the School of Functional Alcoholic Thought that subscribes to the idea that alcohol just lubes you up for stuff you really want to do in your secret heart, rather than forces you to do things you’d rather not. So not only do I not regret our engagement story, I think it’s true to who Patrick and I are (enthusiastic boozers) and what kind of relationship we have (the kind where we do s**t the way we like to do it.)

The drunkgagement is also a good way to end up being engaged without a ring, because who just goes around getting wasted with diamonds in their pockets? I mean, besides fancy people, obviously.  Keep reading »

Is Skipping Rings The New Wedding Trend?

When Prince William and Kate Middleton get married on April 29, Kate will receive a ring made from gold mined in the Welsh mountains that has been in the royal vault since the days of Queen Elizabeth. But Kate will not be slipping a ring on William’s finger. Apparently, William has opted against the tradition of wearing a wedding ring. As a royal spokesperson explains, “There is only going to be one ring, in accordance with the couple’s wishes.” [People]

This has me wondering: is skipping wedding rings becoming a trend? Keep reading »

Lord Of The Ring: Man Loses Wedding Ring In The Sea, Finds It A Year Later

Sometimes miracles really are possible with the power of love (and prayer). Take this story, for example. A New Zealand ecologist who lost his wedding ring in a harbor while checking for invasive plant species has found the ring over a year later. When it fell off into the murky water, “like a scene from ‘Lord of the Rings’ in slow motion,” Aleki Taumoepeau threw an anchor overboard to mark the spot and vowed to his wife of only three months that he would find it. When she offered to buy a replacement, he insisted he wouldn’t need one. Initial searches were unsuccessful, but finally, on a chilly dive during the New Zealand winter, he miraculously found the ring. “I was getting cold and tired,” Taumoepeau said, “so I said to God it would be really good to find the ring about now.” Just then, he spotted the anchor he’d thrown overboard and lying right next to it, only inches away, was his ring! “I couldn’t believe that I could see the ring so perfectly,” he said. “The whole top surface of the ring was glowing in the normally murky waters.” Now let’s hope he remembers to take it off the next time he goes searching for plant species in the bottom of the sea. [via LiveNews] Keep reading »

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