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Oops! Weatherman Accidentally Eats Cat Vomit On Live TV

Oops! Weatherman Accidentally Eats Cat Vomit On Live TV
It was actually cat vomit...

Scot Haney, the weatherman on Hartford’s WFSB morning show, made a series of bad on-air decisions yesterday. His first mistake was eating what he thought were Grape Nuts off the floor. As if eating food of the ground on live TV wasn’t awkward enough, Haney immediately noted that the cereal tasted “like shoes,” adding, “I don’t think those were Grape Nuts.” As we all know, Grape Nuts aren’t the the most flavorful breakfast cereal, but they sure as hell don’t taste like shoes. Well, SURPRISE! Haney was correct! He didn’t eat Grape Nuts, he ate tiny particles of cat vomit, which he tracked with him to work that morning. Excuse me while I go puke on my shoe and eat it, mistaking it for Grape Nuts. [The Daily Dot]

Mark Wahlberg Is A Philadelphia Weatherman Now

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Marky Mark Does The Weather

My favorite Mark Wahlberg thing ever is when Andy Samberg pretended to be him during a skit called “Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals.” Apparently Mark wasn’t super stoked on it, but this clip of him doing the weather and traffic on “Good Day Philadelphia” gives me hope that he actually has a decent sense of humor. I mean, he knows about hoagies, okay? [People]

It’s Gonna Be One Hell Of A Hot Week

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Get Ready For Godzilla

Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be 106 degrees in New York City, so I can really relate to this apocalyptic weather report. This weekend might be rough, but it’s nothing compared to what’ll happen once Godzilla comes up off the coast. What a heat wave! [YouTube]

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