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30 Injured At West Point Pillow Fight, 24 Suffered From Concussions

Military Academy West Point’s annual ‘pillow fight’ for its freshman cadets got a little (a lot) rough this year when some cadets decided to put hard objects inside of their pillowcases injuring 30 students. The event turned into an all-out bloody brawl.
The New York Times reported on this story after it had occurred o…

Katrin Higher / September 5, 2015

Quickies!: Candy Canes Are The New Mace

A candy cane may be your only defense weapon when it comes to a holiday attacker. Thanks to this video, I no longer have to throw away that striped piece of sugar. [Asylum]
Our president-elect is looking HOT in this shirtless photo. If we didn’t like Michelle Obama so much, we’d pose as a Secret…

Annika Harris / December 22, 2008