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Don’t Forget To Move Your Pink Dildo When You’re On TV

This unidentified guy was interviewed on the BBC about the Boston bombing earlier this week. I’m sure he gave a great interview, but who cares? There’s a giant pink dildo behind his head. In reality, the pink penis may actually be a water bottle called a Dicky Chug (available in a variety of pleasing colors!), but we prefer to imagine that he keeps his dildos on top of the fridge. In any case, good on you, pink dildo guy. You provide a much needed moment of levity in this batshit crazy week. [Reddit]

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Infuse Your Water With Some Fresh Spring Flavors

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I love infusing my water with different flavors–lemon, lime, mint, strawberry, cucumber, oh my!–but I don’t like the little bits of soggy fruit and leaves that end up floating around in my glass. This glass flavor-infuser water bottle allows you to put your favorite fruits in their own little chamber, which gives you all of the flavor and none of the debris. How refreshing! [$15, Uncommon Goods]

Tap Water Has Never Tasted Better

My sweet, dearly departed grandmother Colleen and I had many things in commons: a love for gossip magazines (she called them “the trash”), the TV show “Perfect Strangers,” and mall Chinese food, for example. We also shared the habit of not drinking enough water. In fact, my grandma used to wrinkle her nose at the thought of drinking a glass of water and would say, “Yuck! It has no taste.” She, like me, preferred Diet Coke. I’m going on and on here, but my point is this — neither one of us hydrated/hydrates enough. She’s gone to heaven now (where I bet the water tastes like Diet Coke!), but I’m still here on earth and vowing to drink more of the clear stuff. One thing that’s sure to help is my new Bobble water bottle, with its built-in filter. I can fill it up from any ol’ faucet and the filter will work it’s magic to remove all the often harmful nastiness that makes most tap water takes like crap. Now I will have no excuse for not drinking it, at least until I get to heaven. [$9.99, Target]

Water Filtering Goes Sleek

It had never occurred to me that a water filter could be both functional and cool looking. A few years ago, I chucked my water filter because it took up too much valuable real estate in my fridge and I was convinced it had stopped working. I was content with the finding (or maybe urban legend) that the Bronx has some of the cleanest water in the country, so I figured I’d be alright. Then I noticed my refrigerated water had a weird taste and I suspected the plastic bottle I used repeatedly wasn’t meant for such use. That’s why I’m now on the Bobble wagon. The recently launched Bobble Jug has changed how I drink tap water. Not only is this water filtration pitcher sleek enough to fit in the door of the fridge, but it also holds a large amount of water and filters three times faster than other filters. Plus, drinking tap water means there are less single-serve water bottles in landfills. So the Bobble Jug is a sleek, sexy, and sustainable win for us all.

[$29.99 Bobble]

All Matt Damon Wants For Christmas Is …

Matt Damon is as hot as he is concerned about cleaning drinking water. What a babe! So, to help his charity raise funds around the holidays, he made this adorbs ad showing off his crappy Christmas presents from years past. (Warning: If you are a Snuggie fetishist, this is sweet, sweet porn.) Anyway, instead of buying crap for the people you love, why not buy this rad water bottle which gives 100 percent of its profits to the Water.org charity? Good idea, great internet vid. [Bitten And Bound]
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Crave: SIGG Water Bottles

We know drinking water is the key to a gorgeous complexion (our mother drinks a boatload and has skin of someone half her age), but water just doesn’t turn us on like, say, a bottle of champagne does. To increase our (water) drinking pleasure, we love these beautifully designed SIGG bottles — they make hydrating on the go a stylish affair. And if you happen to fill yours with a little bubbly sometime, we won’t tell! [$21-$25, My SIGG] Keep reading »

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