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What A Wonderful Wallet

I have a bad habit of stuffing every single receipt into my wallet until it finally explodes, George Costanza style. My current wallet already has a ripped seam and is quickly approaching the popping stage, so it’s time to find a replacement. This funky leather one from Fossil is right up my alley — bright colors, nice and roomy, and good quality enough to deal with overstuffing, dropping, and a variety of other abuses — at least for a while. [$45, Endless.com]

MIT Smarties Create Interactive Wallets

Raise your hand if you’ve ever avoided looking at your credit card bill (easier now, thanks to automatic payments) or bank balance? We’re oftentimes guilty of not managing our money as best we could, and we hate to use technology as the culprit, but you can’t deny that money is becoming increasingly abstract with online banking. That’s an issue a group of MIT students address with a project that creates mechanical wallets to make you more conscious of spending. One wallet buzzes when you make a transaction, another inflates or deflates to reflect your bank balance, and one (our favorite) includes a hinge that becomes more difficult to open as you get closer to your monthly budget max. Check it out! [Gizmodo] Keep reading »

Awesome Affordable Etsy Find: Blast From The Past

My friend Brittany and I used to play MASH in our Mead composition books. Now I have the opportunity to mash my money into a wallet that looks like a Mead composition book. The whole thing is just blowing my mind. It’s also reminding me that I’m destined to live in a shack with eight kids and my husband, AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys. Sweet. [$12, QuietDoing Etsy Shop] Keep reading »

Cute Pouches To Celebrate Your Best Friendship

A BFF necklace is a nice token of affection, but here’s a new way to show your best bud how much she’s really worth: Rebecca Minkoff’s Best Friends Pouches, perfect to use as simple wallets or for storing loose change. The inspiration for these cute leather accessories apparently came from someone who told the designer, “Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.” A sweet sentiment to keep in mind … each time you reach for your credit card.

[$110.00 Rebecca Minkoff]

An Asset For Purse Organization

That titillating hardcover you’re reading isn’t the only thing adding weight to your bulky purse. Have you considered that your wallet could be culpable? Once you factor in heavy-duty leather, metal coins, and dozens of receipts, a wallet can get pretty heavy itself. The Nooka Asset Organizer is the perfect product to alleviate some of the weight you’re schlepping. It’s made of a soft silicone-like material (the same stuff as your cell case) and contains a system of expandable compartments for your cash, credit cards, identification, etc. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so the next time you get caught in a downpour you won’t have to fork over wet money to replace your water-stained billfold.

[$35.00 Nooka]

A Wallet That Curbs Your Impulse Shopping

Jin Hong designed this “Partner Wallet” to help people ditch their impulse shopping problems. Citing a Psychology Today article, which said, “Arguments over money are the number one reason for relationship stress and breakups,” Hong suggests giving the wallet to a loved one who can’t stop spending. With four zippers, each with a pull-tab that bears a supportive message, paying for an item takes longer, and the buyer has to think about whether the purchase is really worth it as she sees notes saying, “I believe in U,” “You will beat your shopping impulses,” “You are in control of your finances,” and “You know it’s never too late to stop.” If it took me that long to get to my stash of cash, I’d certainly reevaluate my unnecessary spending. [Healthy Retail Therapy via Moco Loco] Keep reading »

The Perfect Wallet For Your Bread

Sure, a purse may hold more of what you need — random makeup, one of those little packets of tissues, your keys to everything — but if you’re only going out for a quick run to the corner, a wallet may be the way to go. We think this hot buttered toast wallet from fredflare.com is totally hilarious. Conversation starter? Check. Perfect for the woman who loves her bread? You bet. And it’s a real steal at a mere $16. Tucked away in your pocket, you’ll never have to worry about getting your purse snatched again. [fredflare.com] Keep reading »

Dapper Pocket Wallet

This made us think of the “Seinfeld” episode where Kramer decides his wallet is too bulky and ditches it, preferring to carry a wad of cash in his back pocket. “I keep the big bills on the outside,” he tells Jerry. Jerry: “That’s a five.”

Not that we want to totally pare down, but it would be nice for once to have a money carrier that actually fits in a pocket. Our choice: the Dapper Pocket Wallet, which has a pleasantly boyish vibe with Italian leather, wool felt, and a herringbone strap. Unfortunately, being able to fit your wallet into your pocket doesn’t solve the problem of where the other 63 things you carry in your purse should go. [$75, The Curiosity Shoppe] Keep reading »

The Racktrap: A Reason To Dig Into Your Bra

Handbags haven’t gone out of style, but retailers keep coming up with different ways for women to transport their money and other essentials. We’ve already deemed the Cap-Sac a fashion don’t. But the Racktrap is a whole different story. It is a small, flat wallet that fits perfectly inside your bra regardless of your cup size. It easily and safely holds money, ID, and credit cards. Obviously, it was made for the woman-on-the-go who likes to have her hands free. The Special Edition Gold Racktrap costs $7.95, but you can purchase a four-pack to “match any outfit” for $19.95. Now all we have to figure out is how to discreetly dig around in our bra when we’re at the checkout counter. [She Finds]

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    Crave: Measuring Tape Wallet

    This awesome wallet, with its measuring tape pattern fabric and vinyl exterior, caramel brown and dark brown vinyl interior, and tri-flap design, is just one more reason we wish the economy was better and we all had mucho money. Somehow, filling it with gum wrappers, tattered Valpak coupons, and loose pocket change just doesn’t seem right. [$44, Quiet Doing] Keep reading »

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