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Crave: The Walk Of Shame Kit

You just woke up. There are your four-inch heels. There’s the glittery halter top you wore last night. There’s that cute guy. There’s your eye makeup smudged all over his pillow. And there’s his mirror.

Oh, no. Oh, no, oh no, oh no.

Enter the Walk of Shame Kit: a clean pair of lacy panties, sunglasses, a hair tie, a hairbrush, a hand-held mirror and a pen (with which to leave your number!). The goodies are tucked into a tiny clutch that fits easily inside your purse. Salvation for us girls for whom popping a breath mint and running fingers through our bedhead constitute morning-after-grooming. You’re on your own figuring out where you put your car keys, though. [$24.99, The Walk Of Shame Kit] Keep reading »

Quickies!: Send Us Your Crazy Celeb Dreams

  • We’d like to read your craziest celebrity dreams. We know you’ve had at least one. [The Frisky]
  • Finally ladies, Man Junk body wash promises to keep a man’s nether region fresh and clean. [College Candy]
  • Worried about taking the walk of shame all day at work? If you had the Dating Girl’s Desk Kit, you’d have no concerns. [YourTango]
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    Another Walk Of Shame Music Video

    Songs about the walk of shame are getting trendier than energy drinks. And now the two have combined powers in one cool commercial, which, especially thanks to the dude in a thong and a trenchcoat, inadvertantly acts as an ad for sobriety and safe sex too. You may also want to protect yourself from the AMP Energy Drink it promotes (it probably tastes like Sweettarts on steroids), but at least the vid is straight up sweet. [World of Wonder]

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    “Thanks For Stickin’ It In Me” Is An Insta-Classic

    Remember Shayna Ferm & The Upper Deckers, that awesome band whose “Walk Of Shame” video we posted a few weeks ago? Well it seems that we’ve been completely ignorant to the prolific talents of Miss Shayna and her hilarious vocal stylings. Check out this video of her performing another one of her songs, “Thanks For Stickin’ It In Me”. Also, the band’s entire catalog of awesomeness is available on iTunes now. Run, don’t walk! [Shayna Ferm via Lusty Lady] Keep reading »

    Shayna Ferm & The Upper Deckers: “Walk Of Shame”

    Um, give this band a Grammy, stat! Thanks to Glamour.com for pointing out the stupendous song and accompanying video for “Walk of Shame”, a tune penned by Shayna Ferm & The Upper Deckers. We’ve all been there (well, we have) and some of the memories make us cringe and laugh — but now they’ll make us dance. But all that got us thinking…what’s your worst/funniest/most awkward walk of shame story? On Halloween about five years ago, I actually went as “The Walk Of Shame” (man’s button-down, high heels, smeared lipstick, phone number on my hand, bedhead, etc.), then ended up going home with a fellow (he was dressed as a chicken, if you were curious) and had to do the walk of the shame the next morning in my walk of shame costume. Oh, and I broke a heel running down a flight of stairs. Beat that! Share your stories, in the comments. Keep reading »

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