wage equality

Massachusetts Just Took A Big Step Toward Closing The Gender Wage Gap

Employers can add to the wage gap without even realizing it, which is why this new law is so important.

Lauren Holter | August 3, 2016 - 11:07 am

U.S. Women’s Soccer Isn’t Afraid to Boycott the Olympics Over Equal Pay

Even the most successful women in the world — and the ones that could kick their sexist bosses’ asses — aren’t immune to wage discrimination. The U.S. women’s soccer team is…

Leah Prinzivalli | April 13, 2016 - 12:28 pm

No, Jennifer Lawrence, The Wage Gap Is Not Your Fault, We Promise

“I knew that there was no one to blame but myself.”

Megan Reynolds | December 17, 2015 - 5:00 pm