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iMaria, An iPhone App For Men Who Can Only Deal With Virtual Women

There are many sad, sad men on this planet, but the saddest of all can only have a girlfriend if she exists on their iPhone. The new iPhone app iMaria is a Croatian Playboy Playmate (naturally) with a “cute English accent.” Like the good little non-threatening virtual girlfriend that she is, iMaria wears low-cut outfits and asks if you’d like her to cook you something or go tan at the beach. All that is sad enough without the creep factor: the producer, Premika, advertises their app by trilling, “iMaria is a fun and interactive virtual girlfriend application that lets you be in control!”

Guys, if the only person who will let you be “in control” is a digital nudie model girlfriend you purchased for 99 cents on iTunes, maybe you need to think about that. [PremikaOnline.com] Keep reading »

Would You Be Jealous Of A Virtual “Other Woman”?

How would you feel if your boyfriend or husband had a virtual girlfriend? I don’t mean what if he had a relationship with someone, as in a real person; I’m talking about a digitally animated girlfriend “brought to life” through Nintendo DS. There’s a new, popular dating sims (or dating simulation) video game on the market called Love Plus and, according to Boing Boing, an article posted on a Japanese tech site in September reported that several women had complained that their family lives were disrupted by their husbands’ addiction to the game. Boing Boing spoke with one San Francisco couple, Koh and Yurie, who say that Koh’s one-week addiction to his virtual girlfriend on Love Plus was “gross,” but basically harmless. Keep reading »

Virtual Is Never As Good As Reality

Drew Burrows, an NYU grad student who’s been single for a long time, and was sick of coming home to an empty bed. Every. Single. Night. He just wanted someone who would cuddle with him, so he engineered a solution — a 2-D woman who lies in bed next to you, responding when you move. Like curling up in a fetal position? She’ll spoon you. Prefer to sleep on your back? She’ll snuggle up next to you. She would be perfect if only she were 3-D. “Yeah, you can’t feel the girl,” Drew said. “That’s the thing. Still, it’s so nice if you’re tired and worn out to have someone to curl up with.” [NYMag.com] Keep reading »

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