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Say Hello To Moongina

Where would we be without the internet? A lot less entertained, for sure. Here, Jervae, in the role of the Moon, sings “Moongina: The Proposition.” My favorite line? “You want some of this moongina?” Keep reading »

You Must Watch This: The Scariest Baby Doll Of All Time, Ever

Sorry to be pansies, but this baby doll commercial makes us pee ourselves a little. There’s literally not a single child’s toy we can imagine wanting less than this maniacally laughing doll. [Copyranter] Keep reading »

Hive-Sexual: Like An Orgy, Only Funnier

If love is blind, online dating can be friggin’ senseless at times. No matter how charming someone can seem via email, the first date can be a rude awakening, even if you’re just looking for a casual encounter. Thankfully, the Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Theater troop has created a sketch so funny, you’ll feel like you ain’t seen nuthin’ that bad on the internet yet. So, if you’re hive-curious — or just bitter and single — watch and learn! [SMBC] Keep reading »

I Want What She’s Having

I got my wisdom teeth removed many, many years ago, and I can’t remember much about it. However, I do know that at the time, they either did not have drugs as, uh, potent as this or they just didn’t give ‘em to me. And that is a shame. Keep reading »

Quickies: “Booty” Is Ryan Gosling’s Word & Jessica Alba Isn’t Too Miserable To Adopt

Keep reading »

Keri Hilson Screws Up The National Anthem

I might not sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” out loud at every occasion (my singing voice is atrocious), but at least I can mouth all the words. Too bad Keri Hilson wasn’t my classmate in fifth grade because she would know the entire song thanks to my drill sergeant-like teacher. Keri hit center court to sing the national anthem at an Atlanta Hawks basketball game and totally missed some of the lyrics. I’m not talking a few words here and there — she completely omitted whole phrases. This is definitely something she won’t live down until someone else effs up the anthem. Why bother if you’re not going to do it correctly! Keep reading »

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