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How To Snap Like A Diva

Nothin’ says step off quite like a snap. Shoot, after seeing this vid, I’ve been working on my “Master Diva Snap” all weekend. Something tells me this week I’m going to need it! And girl, you don’t need to be Aretha or Mariah, or even one of these bad boys. So, let’s start beating back Monday and get to snappin’. Keep reading »

Parisian Tourism Peeps Want You To Visit And Make Out

There are a lot of things to do in Paris, but this Parisian tourism video doesn’t show us, well, anything. It starts off like a cell phone commercial, with a cheesy couple walking around with their cell phones in each other’s faces. Then it turns in to one, long make-out session. The annoying couple sucks face in restaurants, on tours, everywhere! Yeah, they are THAT couple. By the end, the video has fallen apart and looks like the beginning of a porno from the ’80s. Luckily, the director spares us the dirty deets. Keep reading »

“Risky Business” Reenactment FAIL

Oh to be young, bored, and slippery. Two teenage girls demonstrated some literal risky business in what was to be an homage to Tom Cruise‘s iconic scene. Dear teenage girls, always use protection. This includes helmets if necessary. And thanks for making quasi-family-friendly YouTube videos instead of homemade porn, or sexting, or whatever it is teenage girls are into these days. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

The Giving Tree Goes Porno

Your underpants aren’t just preventing you from gettin’ booty, they’re destroying the environment. Well, that is unless you’re wearing easy-off, eco-friendly GreenKnickers. The line of string bikinis and boxers are so hot, you might just globally warm a hole through them yourself! Luckily, the “fair trade undies for nice people” are made from organic cotton, silk and hemp. And, judging by their ad, the ladies that make them really love to love nature. Unlike this giving tree ad, going green clearly shouldn’t be a niche market. [Trend Hunter] Keep reading »

Look, Everyone! Jon Gosselin Can Make Fun Of Himself, Too

I can almost hear the spoof bandwagon, carrying the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Kate Gosselin and Hailey Glassman, pulling away while Jon Gosselin runs behind—wearing Ed Hardy, natch—yelling, “Hey! Wait for me, guys!” It seems he caught up because this video shows Jon having an epiphany and realizing he needs to change his ways. Then, to the tune of Cher’s “Turn Back Time,” he chucks out his hairspray, puts his tacky clothes in a box, dons a collared shirt and fires his hot bikini-wearing DJ. It’s a good start, but he still has a long way to go. I’d say the next step would be disappearing. Forever. Keep reading »

Does Your Baby Have A Case Of The Number Threes?

Sure, you’ve heard of doing a “number one” or a “number two,” but did you know that babies also occasionally do a “number three”? According to this Australian ad for BabyLove diapers, “poop explosions” require a special kind of swaddling. Eww. I am going to email this to my newly pregnant friend now. [Ad Freak] Keep reading »

Miley Cyrus’ “You’re Gay” Lyric Change Is Dumb

Miley Cyrus did another stupid teenager thing — she altered the lyrics in her song “7 Things” on the fly at her recent Louisville concert. She changed “you’re vain/you’re games” to “you’re vain/you’re gay.” She’s probably not a gay-bashing, homosexual agenda-fearing lady (she’s actually come out in support of gay marriage), like one Miss America Pageant runner-up we know, but it wasn’t a stellar moment either. She better watch out, or she’ll influence an entire generation of girls to use gay in the pejorative sense. Keep reading »

George Clooney Dies, Returns To Life

A-list Hollywood actors do cheesy ads abroad for mega-bucks, hoping no one in America will see them. Too late, George! In this spot for Nespresso espresso, Clooney, who plays an espresso drinker, hangs out with John Malkovich, who plays God, natch. The surreal spot was directed by Robert Rodriguez, who directed “Spy Kids” and “Sin City.” It’s kind of weird to see Michael Clayton hawking espresso, but I’ll take my George however I can get him. [ANIMAL] Keep reading »

We Will Rock You: Actual Killer Queens Dance To Queen Medley

From the Filipino prisoners who brought you the Michael Jackson “Thriller” tribute dance comes a Queen medley. This one has some actual killer Queens — fabulous transsexuals — in tutus doing “I Want To Break Free” and Freddie Mercury (R.I.P) some serious justice. Sure, being incarcerated and forced to wear the most hideous shade of orange might be a drag, but these cons know how to shake it like the pros. FYI: The jazz hands start at the 50-second mark. [WOW Report]

Keep reading »

Psst. Did You Know Your Boobs Can Talk?

I was laying about, minding my own business this weekend, when this commercial for Reebok EasyTone sneakers appeared on my TV screen. In it, a woman’s breasts A) speak, and B) discuss her butt. I mean, WTF? I had no idea A) boobs could talk, and B) boobs felt competitive towards other body parts. “Stupid butt!” the woman’s breasts agree. (Each breast has its own persona, apparently.) “Make your boobs jealous,” a man intones. Um, OK! I guess the idea here is that the shoes help you tone your bottom, which makes your breasts jealous. No word yet on what your butt has to say regarding this matter. Keep reading »

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