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Dancing Queen Bus Stop Lady Lands A Prestigious Theatre Part

Ellie Cole, Eastleigh's Dancing Queen, lands a new theatre gig
Truly The Dancing Queen!

Remember this unidentified lady, who was filmed dancing along to her headphones at a bus stop in the British town of Eastleigh? Well, unidentified no longer: her name is Ellie Cole, she’s a 35-year-old mum, and she wasn’t grooving along to ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” after all! It was actually Alesha Dixon’s “Knock Down” all along. Cole became an Internet sensation after the owner of the cafe across the street from the bus stop recorded her sweet moves and uploaded the clip to the web. It’s not every sensation that ends in a success story, but lo! The video helped Cole, a former performing arts major who was forced to resign due to financial reasons, score a (dancing!) part in a play at a prestigious theatre in her hometown. She will appear in the acclaimed musical Ah Men!, and says of her new role role, “It’s very flattering and humbling.” Dancing queen, indeed. [Gawker]

The Secret To Acting Like Your S**t Don’t Stink

Something For That Behemoth Birthed From Your Bowels
Types Of Lady Poopers
A dude breaks down the types of female poopers. Read More »

The secret to acting like your shit don’t stink is not wearing a ball gown speaking with a British accent while you poop. It’s Poo~Pourri, the spray that masks the scent of the “creamy behemoth you just birthed from your cavernous bowels.” (God, I’m jealous that I didn’t write that line.) The spritz is scientifically proven to trap the odor of your little astronauts in the porcelain prison and make the world believe that your poop doesn’t stink or that you don’t poop at all. If that’s something you’re interested in. Keep reading »

It’s Time To Cry: Meet Sonya, The Google Street View Rescue Dog

Survivor Finds Dog
Oklahoma Tornado
During a live news interview! Grab the kleenex. Read More »
Ask A Single Dog Owner
Amelia answers questions about being single and taking care of a dog. Read More »
Sick Doggie
This man helps his sick dog sleep better with nightly lake swims. Read More »
Sonya Google Street View Dog
Watch Her Rescue And Transformation!

When a woman who had been feeding a stray dog in Los Angeles asked a shelter to help her get the dog off the street, she had a little help in describing the animal’s location: “Just look on Google Street View.” The dog, who is now named Sonya, had been captured by Google cameras passing through an industrial section of Los Angeles. Using the Google Maps location, Eldad Hagar of the shelter Hope For Paws was able to track down Sonya, wrangle her into a leash, and get her the medical care, food, and grooming she so desperately needed. Grab a Kleenex and push play to see Sonya’s incredible rescue and transformation. [Neatorama]

Jimmy Kimmel Sends His Fake News Team To Fashion Week, Hilarity Ensues

Jimmy Kimmel Fashion Week Prank
"Eddie Munster had a good aesthetic this season."

When Jimmy Kimmel sent a fake news crew to Coachella to interview hipsters about imaginary bands, the prank became an instant classic. Now Kimmel’s “Lie Witness News” team is back, and interviewing another famously self-serious crowd: people hanging out at New York Fashion Week. Watch these fashionistas offer their reviews of fake high-end designers like George Costanza and ridiculous Photoshopped runway shows involving watermelons and dog poop. Priceless. [YouTube via Mashable]

We Swear It’s Not Porn! (NSFW)

It's not porn
It Sounds A Whole Lot Like Porn But...

When I was an actress, the worst part was telling my friends and family about the roles I was auditioning for — or sometimes, had just booked. I’d be like, “I’m just got a horror movie with Gary Busey! I’m playing a vampire prostitute who gets shot in the head while playing cards with Morgan Freeman’s son in a cabin in the middle of Afghanistan!” Then I’d just watch the concern/confusion/horror pass over their faces as they assumed the worst. (I really did play that part, by the way. And it wasn’t porn.) A new video, “It’s Not Porn…”, spoofs that phenomenon. Actors and actresses brag about the roles they just landed that happen to sound a whole lot like porn, but are really just HBO shows. See if you can name all the scenes from you favorite shows. [Laughing Squid]

Listen To The Worst Customer Service Meltdown Of All Time

Rage Like You've Never Heard
Listen To The Worst Customer Service Meltdown Of All Time
Greetings from the angriest customer ever

I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves frustrated — maybe even enraged — when attempting to place a customer service phone call. They tend to be about as inefficient as humanly possible. Also, I don’t think a rep has ever pronounced my name right, which just gets you off on the wrong foot immediately. That coupled with how chipper they are. It’s really a recipe for disaster. Prepare yourself for 8 minutes and 31 seconds of the kind of ungodly rage that only a customer service phone call can incite. Keep reading »

Bar Mitzvah Boy Sam Horowitz Is Having More Fun Than Anybody At Fashion Week

Sam Horowitz
Amazing Bar Mitvah Boy
Now This Is How You Kick Off A Bar Mitzvah!
World, meet Sam Horowitz, the bar mitvah dancing king. Read More »

Sam Horowitz jazz hands-ed his way into our hearts when a video of his burlesque-themed bar mitzvah went viral last month. So it should be no surprise that a kid with that much moxie would show the uptight fashionistas at New York Fashion Week how it’s done.

Sam and his mom Angela attended NYFW’s Helmut Lang show, and sat along Taylor Momsen (remember her?) and Stacy Kiebler. He wore black leather pants and an animal print blazer.

“He loves fashion,” explained his mom. “He’s got friends at Neiman Marcus.”

In August, Sam appeared on “Good Morning America” and recreated his famous bar mitzvah dance, with six adult lady back up dancers. Seriously, this kid knows how to live. [Daily Mail]

This Twerking Video Is So Hot It’s On Fire

Do Not Try This At Home
Twerk So Hot It Starts A Fire
Worst twerk fail EVER!
Twerk Critique
"Queen Of Bounce" Big Freedia Critiques Miley's Twerking Abilities
Big Freedia critiques Miley's twerking abilities. Read More »
Suspended For Twerking
33 high school students suspended for twerking. Read More »

“I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot,” said YouTube user, Caitlin Heller, who literally set her house on fire while doing the dance. No, her butt didn’t spontaneously combust. While twerking against her unlocked front door, her roommate came home knocking her over into a coffee table full of lit candles, which set her living room aflame. Why she had candles lit while twerking? Who knows. It’s a good reminder that twerking — along with corrupting the moral fiber of our country — can be very, very dangerous. Also, you’ll laugh your ass off. [The Daily Dot]

Update:  As many people suspected, Jimmy Kimmel has announced that this video was a fake made by his team in the hopes that everyone would stop twerking. Oh well, it was still hilarious. [Gawker]

If You Can Get Through Today Without Being Chased By A Velociraptor, Just Call It A Win

Coachella Prank
Turns out hipsters lie about their music tastes... Watch »
Human Chair Prank
Man dresses up as chair, people sit on him, hilarity ensues! Watch »
Velociraptor Prank
Velociraptor in the office!!!

How do people in Japan go through life knowing that they are under constant threat of being pranked by a crazy game show? And that these pranks may involve a terrifyingly realistic velociraptor pouncing on you at your office while a studio audience laughs their asses off? I mean, as far as pranks go, it’s pretty brilliant and perfectly executed, but still, someone needs to buy this poor man a fresh cup of coffee and a stress-relieving massage, stat! [Daily Mail]

“How Animals Eat Their Food: Part 2″ Is Here!

How Animals Eat: Part 1
Humans reenact animals eating and it's hilarious! Read More »
Avent-Garde Preschool
NYC's first avant-garde preschool
They wear kimonos and do yoga at this preschool Read More »
"How Animals Eat Their Food: Part 2" Is Here!
Important reenactments of animals eating

Hell to the YEAH. I was hoping the comic heroes who made “How Animals Eat Their Food” would make a sequel and THEY DID. Watch funny humans reenact the eating habits of antelopes, bunnies, meerkats, cheetahs, llamas, fruit flies, horses, octopi, hawks, fish and more! By the way, this is exactly what I imagine the life at the avant-garde preschool will be like. [Laughing Squid]

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