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Your Bookshelf Never Sounded Better

Keep your books in place with these recycled records. Give a pair of these custom-made vintage vinyl bookends a spin and lend old-skool charm to any room. Just because you can’t listen to your favorite records anymore doesn’t mean you can’t decorate with them.

[$15.00 Etsy]

Spin Your Vinyl Vertically

After many years of function, my record player bit the dust last week. In trying to find a replacement, I ran across this bad boy over at Urban Outfitters. The deal? You mount this sucker to the wall and it lets you play records vertically. In other words, it masquerades as art on an empty wall and lets you clear off valuable counterspace. It’s one half old-fashioned, one half totally new-fangled. Just my speed. As in 33 or 45 rotations per minute.

[$98.00 Urban Outfitters]

5 Tips For Throwing A Record Party

About a year ago, a group of my closest friends got together in a basement apartment in Queens. It was a Saturday night in the dead of winter, and most of us were broke (the economy was crashing) and lazy (we didn’t feel like trekking to a bar in the city). As we cracked open a bottle of wine and ate fresh-baked zucchini muffins, one of my friends decided to play us some records on the record player he had recently inherited from his parents. It turned out to be one of the best nights of our lives. In sharing great music, great food, and great fun, a tradition was born—Record Party. The New York Times is finally catching on to something my friends and I discovered that night; vinyl is back in a major way. The stats say that CDs are becoming just about as obsolete as cassettes and 8-tracks. Sure, iPods are fun if you’re on the go, but really the only way to devour your favorite music (other than to hear it live) is to listen to it on vinyl. It’s like hearing the music again for the first time—rich and layered. Mike Jbara, a bigwig at Warner Music Group, says, “It is absolutely easy to say vinyl doesn’t make sense when you look at convenience, portability, all those things. But all the really great stuff in our lives comes from a root of passion or love.” [New York Times]

That’s what Record Party is really all about. But don’t take my word for it. Experience Record Party for yourself. After the jump, five tips for throwing your own rocking Record Party. Keep reading »

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