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Christian Victoria’s Secret Model Quits On Account Of Jesus

Victoria's Shady Secret
Is the brand using cotton sourced by child labor? Read More »
VS Model On Dating
candice swanepoel photo
Candice Swanepoel says it's hard for men to look past her job. Read More »

In 2009, Victoria’s Secret launched a nationwide competition to seek out their newest Angel. Out of 10,000 real-girl applicants, all voted upon by fans online, only one emerged victorious: the then-19-year-old Kylie Bisutti, a newlywed Californian who then walked in the annual show alongside the established Angels. To most aspiring models, this would be a dream come true … but Kylie says otherwise. Now, after two years at the receiving end of a VS salary, she’s decided that lingerie modeling is against her Christian values, and violates the terms of her marriage. Keep reading »

The VS Angels Share Their First Kiss Stories

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You may recall my response to New York mag’s biting piece on Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr, in which I voiced my concern that the Angels may not in fact be human but rather, if I may quote myself, “tall, lithe, bronzed to perfection, fast-metabolizing aliens with silky long hair and bedroom eyes.” Indeed, every single time I hear one of them speak, my terror is reinforced. For those of us who find simultaneous delight and horror (the two are not, in fact, mutually exclusive) in watching these genetically blessed humanoids discuss personal matters while scantily clad as if they always just hang out in lingerie and unbuttoned oxford shirts, thank the powers that be for bringing us the Victoria’s Secret YouTube channel. This time, to get you all up in the Valentine’s Day spirit, the girls are dishing on their first kisses. Delightful! [Fashionista]

Victoria’s Secret Launches High-End Collection

Victoria's Shady Secret
Is the brand using cotton sourced by child labor? Read More »
Victoria's Secret Launches High-End Collection

Victoria’s Secret may be the biggest mass merchandiser of lingerie, but as anyone who has worn their bras can attest to, their offerings have a tendency to be shoddy at best. Sure, the deals they do on their underwear are nice (3 for $10 is pretty much unbeatable), but VS is undeniably on the lower end of the lingerie spectrum. In fact, they don’t even sell my size, and let me tell you: it’s not that uncommon. Before I knew about the existence of other lingerie stores, when I thought Victoria’s Secret was the place for bras, sales associates squeezed me into ill-advised sizes and styles that had me looking like a child hooker. Take into account December’s revealing expose on the company’s employment of child laborers for their cotton production (while advertising their garments as fair trade, no less), and I wouldn’t be mad if I never set foot in one of those oppressively fragrant stores ever again. It seems to me like the brand must be feeling the heat of competitors, because they’ve just introduced a high-end line called The Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection. It will include “European” lace, chiffon, and embroidery on a line of bras, baby dolls, kimonos, $38 underwear, and even a corset, which will run you $298. They sold out quickly after debuting on VictoriasSecret.com yesterday, but the collection will hit 13 stores nationwide in June. Call me crazy, but I think I’ll keep giving my business to Figleaves. [Refinery29]

Victoria’s Secret Uses Cotton Sourced By Child Laborers

Fast Fashion
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Shocking: Victoria’s Secret is a house of lies! The cotton used for their underwear, which they deem on the labels as “fair trade” and “good for women, good for the children who depend on them,” has been outed by Bloomberg News. Turns out their methods aren’t quite as good or as fair as the company claims; in fact, their cotton wares are sourced by abused and unpaid children in Burkina Faso. Excellent! VS has been using cotton from the west African country for four years. Ironically, they launched a line of underwear in 2009 that “boasted about the cotton’s origins, as well as how purchases would improve the lives of BurkinabĂ© cotton pickers.” To the brand’s credit, they’re upholding that they were unaware of the practices, and are “engaging with stakeholders to fully investigate this matter.” Get the full story here on Bloomberg. Fair warning: it’s pretty brutal. Now, put down those 3-for-$10 thongs. You don’t want them anyway! [Bloomberg]

Fashion By The Numbers

Anna on power
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Kate Is A Hero
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This week brought us a (not so) Secret fashion show, shopaholic cities, supermodel sisters, and smuggled shoes. Read on for a roundup of the style stats… Keep reading »

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Was … Something

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Who comes up with this stuff? And on what kind of drugs? And are they sharing those drugs? Because it’s clear that there’s something rather cuckoo clocks about the whole affair. And even though there’s tons of boobs and bare bums, it doesn’t even seem that sexy — just campy and silly. You might call it the Snookification of sexy: More Benny Hill than bad rap video.

In any case, there were plenty of Vicky Secret supermodels on the catwalk last night, including a ridiculously in-shape post-baby Miranda Kerr (jaysus that woman!), a liquid-dieting Adriana Lima and a be-caped Candice Swanepoel. Check out all the cheeky, ridonkulous hilarity in our slideshow.

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