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Girl Talk: I Am Not A Victim Of Dating

He Was Autistic
How dating a man with autism taught the writer to be herself. Read More »
Dating Isn't Personal
Ami talks about how she realized dating was not to be taken personally. Read More »

Ugh, it’s so unfair.

What did I do to deserve this?

No one ever asks me out.

Dating — or whatever you want to call the experience of interacting with the gender to which you are attracted — can be a very frustrating experience. Generally, we meet a lot of people before a connection is sparked and then pursued. And that connection usually dwindles and dies at some point, putting us back at square one, starting the whole search for a connection all over again. Basically, dating is a universal clusterfuck but it’s something that we all, at least at some point or another, take as a personal affront, as something we have a worse time at than anyone else. Like passengers at an airport going through security, we sometimes think of ourselves as victims of a process that we have no choice to participate in and that, for whatever reason, we’re the lone person to be earmarked for an extensive, invasive baggage check. Everyone else gets to waltz through without a care in the world, while we are held back and risk missing the flight to Happy Relationship Town. Keep reading »

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