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Win This! Jenna Leigh Kimono Robe

Happy almost-Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or taken, The Frisky wants to be your Valentine. Look for a contest each day leading up to Feb. 14. Prizes will include makeup, books, lingerie, jewelry, and more, but each one only lasts a day — enter now!

Sometimes the sexiest bedroom fashions are the ones that do a better job of covering up than they do revealing. (Plus, most of the time those over-the-top doo-dads are just plain uncomfortable.) Here’s something that’s both cozy and subtly seductive. Jenna Leigh’s jersey kimono robe features a low-cut neckline and super short hem but brings elegance with its draped sleeves and non-traditional peacock color. Of course, half the fun of this style is unwrapping it to reveal what’s underneath. Which, if he’s lucky, might just be nothing. [$96, Jenna Leigh Lingerie]

WIN THIS! We’re giving away one Jenna Leigh Kimono Robe but you have to work if you want it. Tell us how you get your partner in the mood (without lying on the bed naked) in the comments by 3:39 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 5 (that’s tomorrow!). We’ll pick our favorite response and announce the winner. You must live in the U.S. or Canada to win. Good luck!

UPDATE! The winner of the Jenna Leigh robe is ootie for this comment:

I have one perfume that I basically only wear for special (sexual) occasions. Now, whenever I put it on, my boyfriend gets instantly horny. I don’t think he’s put it together and realized that I put on a different perfume…the smell now just makes him think of sex.

Thank you for all your comments! (Just reading them sort of got us in the mood.) Keep reading »

8 Mistakes To Avoid This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and whether you’re a fabulous single, newly-coupled, an old married, or nursing a recent heartbreak, there are a few common mistakes you should be aware of. After the jump, check out the 8 mistakes you need to avoid to make this Valentine’s Day better than ever (or at least not as terrible as it could be). Keep reading »

Happy Valentine’s Day From Desmond To Penny

Reader thehighandlow made this “Lost”-themed Valentine’s Day card, and we thought it was so cute (we heart Desmond and Penny) that we had to share it. Keep reading »

Get Some Shut-Eye With Dita

Ever fashionable and classy-styled Dita von Teese is bringing her aesthetic to the bedroom, thanks to Moschino. The retro queen, known for her red lips and soft Hollywood curls, put her design mind to work to create a limited-edition sleep mask for the brand. In the end, Dita fashioned a pink silk-satin eye mask with rhinestone embellishments, feathers and lace with trompe l’oeil eyelash detailing, complete with its very own case (all for $130), so now even falling asleep can become a stylish moment. What’s even better is the fact that 30 percent of the proceeds will be donated to amfAR. So sleep soundly knowing your new purchase is going towards a good cause. [Moschino] Keep reading »

Conversation Hearts Get A Lackluster Update

Sweethearts, the candies that come out each Valentine’s Day, have been around for 145 years, but the messages on them have changed with the times. Some of the original conversation heart phrases — “Be Good,” “Be True,” and “Sweet Talk” — are still in use, while others have been discarded after only a few Februaries. NECCO, which makes Sweethearts, has thrown out the phrases “Fax Me” and “Email Me” (seriously, what girl wants a love fax?), and this year “Tweet Me” and “Text Me” will be printed on some candies. Romance is officially dead. Keep reading »

In Sickness And In Health…

…this is the perfect card to send your betrothed, if you’re considering getting married for the reasons our writer did. [Etsy] Keep reading »

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