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Vampire Weekend And The Black Keys Have A Sell-Out-Off

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On last night’s “Colbert Report,” Stephen invited Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys and Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend on to figure out who should win this year’s Grammy for best alternative album. To settle the score, Colbert challenged the two bands to a “sell-out-off.” While the Keys have a Victoria’s Secret and Zales commercial under their belt, Vampire Weekend boasts commercials for Honda and Tommy Hilfiger. As Colbert notes, “Clearly, you have both equally whored out your music.” So true! [Comedy Central] Keep reading »

Vampire Weekend Sued By The Girl On Their Album Cover

When I first saw the cover for Vampire Weekend’s sophomore album, Contra, I thought it was weak. It’s a shadowy Polaroid pic of a redheaded girl donning a light yellow Ralph Lauren polo shirt, collar halfway popped. I assumed they’d snapped the pic recently—since the band has fully embraced preppiness, I guessed that was a random fan or perhaps one of the guy’s girlfriends. After ranting to a friend about this, he looked it up and discovered that, no, the photo wasn’t recent. It was taken in 1983. This made it 200 times cooler—I kind of loved the idea that the 20-something girl in the image was now close to 50 and could basically be anywhere in the country doing anything. I liked that it was a subtle commentary on style, and how something taken so long ago could still look completely current.

But apparently, the woman in the photo—Ann Kirsten Kennis (hello, country-clubbiest name ever)—wasn’t so thrilled with the cover. Keep reading »

Jake Gyllenhaal Rocks Short Shorts In The New Vampire Weekend Video

In case you haven’t heard it yet, Vampire Weekend’s new album, Contra, is super duper dope. “Giving Up The Gun” is one of the songs I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past month, and now I’m just as obsessed with the new video. As if the tennis theme weren’t cool enough—we’ve also got Jake Gyllenhaal rocking a sweatband, the RZA as a teleporting line judge, and Lil Jon as a demonic coach. Oh, and fireballs! Good stuff. Keep reading »

Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From Vampire Weekend To OK GO

It’s new release Tuesday, so it’s time to take the latest tunes for a spin! And girl, this week is jam-packed with hotness. Last week was all gals, and this week, it’s all man, honey! First of all, the sophomore record from Vampire Weekend is out. Finally! You know, those prepster cuties would never disappoint a lady. Although, I must say, there’s a new panty-dropping record on the shelf, and it’s by OK GO. They’ve ditched the gimmicky-yet-lovable treadmill dance, but with this sexy rock record, they’ll still get in your pants. Omarion is also getting personal this week, showing his sensitive side on his new record. And producer-turned-solo-artist Blockhead dishes out some tracks that’ll keep you hangin’ on. It’s one dude-tastic week! So, let’s get into the groove, after the jump … Keep reading »

Album Drop: New Music From Twista, Discovery, Sean Kingston and The Dead Weather

It’s new release Tuesday, so it’s time to take the latest tunes for a spin. In this week’s big records, Jack White reigns with The Dead Weather’s debut record, we make a Discovery with Vampire Weekend/Ra Ra Riot’s side project, Twista rips through more hits, and Sean Kingston has a shorty Fire Burning on the dance floor. Keep reading »

The Hotness Awards: Hottest Bands

1. She & Him
2. The Ting-Tings
3. Vampire Weekend
4. The Jonas Brothers Keep reading »

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