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Unlikely Love Lessons From My High School Latin Teacher

Love Letter: Yoga Teacher
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Hell Yeah, I Love You!
Hell yeah, I love you! Getting love is easy this Valentine's Day. Read More »

I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is not known for being the most culturally rich and forward-thinking city. I’m not going to go off on my hometown, there were great things about growing up there, but let’s just say that I was counter-cultural peg trying to fit into a conservative hole. Meaning, I wore lots of black eyeliner, carried The Portable Dorothy Parker in my backpack at all times and accepted my lot in high school life as one of the disenfranchised. I was a Goth drama geek. I shopped at the Salvation Army so I could look like Bjork. I cut chorus to start an underground poetry reading club. I should have been rewarded for being subversive! Instead, I was denied entry into the National Honors Society on the grounds that I was “a troublemaker.” The faculty didn’t seem to appreciate what I had to offer the world. But there was one teacher who did: Mr. V was the only teacher who got  my vibe. I had him two years for Latin, one for honors English. Keep reading »

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