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9 Reasons It’s Better To Get Dumped

A couple months ago, it was ‘tis the season to be jolly. But now, with Valentine’s Day looming, it’s more like ‘tis the season to get dumped. Couples are breaking up left and right. January is the #1 month for filing for divorce, and then in February, we all get attacked by heart-shaped candy boxes. Sure, the seductive holiday marketing might make you feel like being recently single is a double burn. But being alone on V-Day is better than being with someone who doesn’t think you’re as awesome as you are. And let me tell you, hot stuff, getting dumped is truly a win-win situation. Sure, most people think the dumper has it easy, but they’ve got it all wrong! In actuality the dumper has to be the bad guy, because they can’t admit to feeling sad since it’s their fault and they have to agonize over their decision, plan it out, and bear the brunt of the guilt. Yikes! As if those weren’t enough, here are nine more reasons it’s better to be the dumpee.

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Win This! Viliv S7 Premium Mobile Tablet Powered By Intel

It’s terribly difficult to go without internet access — we go through withdrawal when we can’t get online — but who wants to lug around a laptop everywhere they go? We’ve become reliant on smartphones, but you can only do so much with a tiny screen and an even tinier keyboard. The viliv S7 Premium powered by Intel solves all these issues. This little computer weighs less than 2 pounds, has great battery life, and is able to access the internet the same way a laptop would. Your productivity and communication will be unstoppable, but, let’s be honest, it’s also fantastic for watching movies or entertaining your friends with the latest viral videos. [$579, Dynamism]

WIN THIS! We’re giving away one Intel viliv S7 Premium, but you have to work if you want it. Share the worst thing you’ve discovered about through online stalking before a date — and whether you went on the date after finding out that info — in the comments by 3:39 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 12. We’ll pick our favorite response and announce the winner. You must live in the U.S. or Canada to win. Good luck!

UPDATE! The winner of the Viliv S7 Premium Mobile Tablet is Fizzy for this comment:

“I went on a date with someone I met, yes, on The Frisky. (And no, it wasn’t CheeeeEEEEse, and to be fair to the man in question I’m not going to reveal his identity.) Before going on the date I knew everything about his dating and sex habits from what his kinks were to his opinions on stereotypical male behavior. One might think this would be beneficial. But in fact it was strange in a really predictable sense, and when I realized things weren’t exactly working out it didn’t make sense to me because everything he’d said in comments suggested otherwise. Needless to say I ended up not commenting for sometime and changing my identity.
Frisky ladies, I would avoid dating the gentlemen of this website for those reasons, as attractive as some of them are!”

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How To Ensure The World’s Worst Valentine’s Day

I know, I know … the point is to have a magical, fantastical, romantical Valentine’s Day … the kind of evening that makes you tear up and blush in the re-telling, while your less-fortunate girlfriends snarl and gnash their teeth in envy.

Sadly, having the perfect V-Day isn’t easy. For one thing, unless you’re a narcissist, you generally have to rely on another party’s cooperation to truly make it work. For another, much like other festive occasions such as weddings and funerals, Valentine’s Day is an excuse for retailers and restauranteurs to jack up their prices. So unless this recession has left you and your man unscathed, the cost might be a bit of an ouchie. Then there’s the pressure. The shopping. Do you go with the fancy under-duds or fly freebird? Do you get him a gift or is he supposed to be the one doing the giving? So many questions, so few correct answers … Keep reading »

Wear Your Heart On Your Finger

Instead of waiting around, hoping for the perfect present from your significant other or flowers from that mysterious secret admirer, celebrate yourself. Here’s not one, but three ways to show yourself some appreciation on Valentine’s Day. Cynthia Rowley created a trio of rings in silver, vermeil, and copper in a simple heart design, which provide for a great addition to your jewelry collection. This way, no matter how your valentine decides to commemorate the lovey-dovey holiday, you’ll be content. [$90 for a set of three, Cynthia Rowley] Keep reading »

Every Guy’s Ideal Valentine’s Day Date Itinerary

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is treated as a woman’s holiday. This sexist interpretation is due to the whole love-is-for-the-ladies thing that has been a part of American culture for the last hundred years or so. The classic image of the holiday is a man showing up on a woman’s doorstep with flowers and candy, and nearly every Valentine’s Day product out there is marketed toward men on the assumption that they’re the ones doing the buying around the 14th.

At its heart, though, Valentine’s Day is meant for couples, and last time we checked there were two people in a couple (sometimes three, depending on the laws in your state). Men should really enjoy the holiday as much as women, but for whatever reason, they tend to turn against it. Maybe it’s the actual date that makes us so anti-Valentine’s Day.

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How (Not?) To Do Your Makeup For Valentine’s Day

Watch out Michelle Phan, there’s a new makeup tutorial videographer in town. Well, she’s not exactly in the neighborhood, per se. We have not a clue what this Thai woman is saying, but she sure is a Chatty Cathy, and she likes her eye makeup as bright as a rainbow. We’d say it might be a little much for a first date, but totally fine for the third. [CNN Go] Keep reading »

Win This! Leslie Green Necklace

Happy almost-Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re single or taken, The Frisky wants to be your Valentine. Look for a contest each day leading up to Feb. 14. Prizes will include makeup, books, lingerie, jewelry, and more, but each one only lasts a day—enter now!

This time of year, we’ve got jewelry on the brain, and we wouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth if, say, we were presented with a shiny new bauble. If you feel similarly, check out designer Leslie Green’s gorgeous pink tourmaline heart tag necklace, $210. Now wouldn’t that look pretty hanging from your neck?

WIN THIS! We’re giving away one pink heart necklace, but you have to work if you want it. Share your sweetest V-Day jewelry scores in the comments by 3:39 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 11. We’ll pick our favorite response and announce the winner. You must live in the U.S. or Canada to win. Good luck!

UPDATE! The winner of the Leslie Green Necklace is lea322 for this comment:

“One year, when I was in high school, my mom gave me a delicate gold necklace for Valentine’s Day. The pendant is a little heart with a small pearl in the middle. It’s extremely subtle and understated, but I love it. My mom always made Valentine’s Day special with a gift for my sister and I. She always shows us how much she loves us, but with all the added pressure of “relationships” on V-Day, she made sure to do something just a little more special to make sure we knew that with or without a guy, we were loved. That necklace is something I will always love and appreciate.”

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You Might Wanna Rethink That Red Teddy

While our guys on IM had mixed opinions about red lingerie, a British study found that most men kind of hate it. Red came last in a survey of sexiest lingerie colors, below pink and flesh-colored bedroom wear. Sadly, the study also found that 60 percent of women have bought red lingerie to impress a guy. Men and women can’t seem to get on the same page when it comes to underthings. In case you’re still planning to pick up something special for Sunday, the color most gentlemen prefer is black. And whatever you do, don’t pick up any of these so-called “sexy” styles. [Telegraph.co.uk] Keep reading »

So Where’s Our “Mad Men” Valentine?

So it looks like my plan to get Jon Hamm as a Valentine’s Day date probably won’t pan out. But I have found the next best thing: “Mad Men” Valentines. Now instead of being wooed by the bearded Hamm, I can learn about how love is manufactured sham from the dapper Don. How romantic! The rest of the cast gets their own cards to give their individual words of wisdom on the ways of love. Keep reading to see a few more of my favorites from this genius valentines collection Keep reading »

Mind Of Man: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Dude

The truth is: men don’t expect much on Valentine’s Day. We know that this is a holiday for women. Most of us accept this as a manly duty, like chopping wood or boxing grizzly bears. There is a quiet sort of pride in making your woman happy. Sure, many of us drag our feet, roll our eyes, and bitch like a junior chubbo with an empty bottle of chocolate syrup. But then we buy flowers, make a reservation, hold your hand, and you light up like New York City at night. Then it’s not so bad. The wine helps.
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