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Valentine’s Day … Celebrity-Style

On Sunday night, as I sat at a crappy vegetarian restaurant with a bunch of my single girlfriends, I found myself wondering, “What are the rich and famous up to tonight? Could they, too, be having a conversation about how guacamole is the nectar of the gods?” I was betting that celebrity couples were wining and dining it up at the most exclusive spots in the world. But perhaps not. Britney Spears and her agent-boyfriend, Jason Trawick, were spotted having their idea of a romantic meal: McDonald’s drive-thru for French fries. I wonder if they super sized it for the occasion? [People]

OK, I guess my V-Day wasn’t so lame after all. After the jump, what some other celeb couples were doing this February 14th. Keep reading »

How Was Your Valentine’s Day?

Yesterday was my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman, but I didn’t spend it with my husband. Drew’s actually been in Vancouver for the last three weeks preparing to cover the Olympics with his job for NBC (I’ll be joining him for the last week of the Games, so don’t feel too bad for me). Anyway, I knew I have a tendency to get a little blue at this point in the winter anyway and I wanted to avoid getting too lonely, so I put the invitation out for any of my long-distance friends to come visit while I’ve got the apartment all to myself. I had one friend in town last weekend and then this weekend, two of my oldest, dearest friends came to town to keep me company. As someone who sees Valentine’s Day more as a reminder to show love to everyone you care about and not just your significant other, it was one of the best V-Days I’ve had in a long time. Keep reading »

Quotable: Jennifer Garner Is Happy To Get A Fistful Of Grass On Valentine’s Day

“Guys, it’s just not so bad. All you have to do is acknowledge … in some sweet way, just write a quick note or pick flowers or pick the grass out of your backyard and show up with it with a sweet smile, ‘I love you. I’m lucky to have you.’ Just make us feel wooed … You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just be sweet. That’s all. The money doesn’t hurt either but…be sweet.”

– Jennifer Garner on how to show your lady you love her on Valentine’s Day while promoting her new flick, aptly titled, uh, “Valentine’s Day,” on “Lopez Tonight.” Ben, better start weeding! [Just Jared] Keep reading »

Send Your Loved One A Hug-E-Gram!

“Flowers, agaaaaaain?” Red roses just don’t cut it on Valentine’s Day anymore, fellas. Show your girlfriend or wife that you love her with a plush, decapitated, bendable arm! Who needs real hugs when you can hug your wife from afar, thanks to a cheap arm of full of flammable stuffing known as the Hug-E-Gram? That way, you can show her you care — while you’re off finger-banging your secretary. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

Enter This V-Day Haiku Contest

In honor of the impending holiday (the one that starts with a “V”), Breakup Girl, the superhero whose domain is love or the lack thereof, is sponsoring a relationship-themed Haiku contest. Her blog, which combines comics, observations and dating news with classic advice letters, would not be complete without some love poetry. If you want a real challenge, try to communicate all of the lust, anguish, heartbreak, joy, and sorrow of your last relationship in 17 syllables. That breaks down to five-seven-five, math wizards. Team Breakup Girl and celebrity guest judge Joel Stein will pick zee winner from the top five entries, and the 2010 Haiku Master will be announced on Monday, February 15. After the jump, check out some our favorite entries, plus my own. [Breakup Girl] Keep reading »

A Sweet Little Valentine’s Day Coupon Book

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, and now is the time when desperation shopping usually begins. What can you slap together in a hurry that will still seem thoughtful? While you should ideally know your loved one well enough to figure out something sweet (check out our gift guide if you need a lil’ help), the coupon book is a tried-and-true, last-ditch gift. This little set of printable vouchers is $4 from Benign Objects on Etsy, and it would add a nice little boost to whatever you’re wrapping up for Sunday. But seriously, don’t just give your significant other a coupon book for Valentine’s Day, OK? [Etsy] Keep reading »

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