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Va-ttooing: Temporary Tattoos For Your Ladyflower

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around why someone would get teeny tiny crystals stuck to their mons pubis, so imagine the mind f**k that occurred when I heard that vajazzling has been replaced by va-ttooing as the vaginal decor trend du jour. According to The Gloss, Completely Bare Spa in New York City is now giving women temporary vaginal tattoos. The tattoos are applied with airbrushed ink and I’m not sure if you can get anything you want or if there’s, like, a selection of stencils to choose from, but all I know is that I am making an appointment. I mean, I think it’s totally stupid, but I have to admit, I just need to get one of these babies applied to my cooter before I run out and hook up with someone and gauge the dude’s reaction. I shall report back. [The Gloss] Keep reading »

Vajazzling Skin Flick Coming Soon!

Does the look of a blinged-out vajayjay turn you on? Then vajazzling porn is for you! Yes, vajazzling porn. Fleshbot says porn company 3rd Degree has just announced a June 15 street date for “Vajazzled,” a porn that is somehow about the below-the-belt bling trend. No word on what the plot would be — though it promises “skin-bling to fire up your ding-a-ling” — but the video comes with its own vajazzling kit, seemingly so you can role-play what goes down in the film. I thought there could be nothing in this world more stupid than vajazzling itself, but this trumps it. [via Fleshbot.com] Keep reading »

What Is “Penazzling”? It’s Vajazzling For Him, Duh!

Let’s get this straight: “vajazzling” — blinging out one’s ladyparts with pretty crystals (I guess so a guy doesn’t have to look at your icky pubic hair during sex?) — gets Jennifer Love Hewitt as an enthusiastic ambassador. But the first macho man to undergo a “penazzling” procedure gets his face blurred on the internet, sex victim-style, and he doesn’t even have crystals glued onto his penis?!?! Keep reading »

Do Not Want: DIY At-Home Vajazzling

You know what I find more atrocious than vajazzling? DIY at-home vajazzling. Look, if I am honestly going to sell my soul down the river for some crystals on my cooch, I’m gonna pay a professional to do it right. Ugh. [Vajazzleville] Keep reading »

Vajazzling: THE VIDEO!

Did those photos we posted last week just not tell you all you wanted to know about vajazzling, aka crystal herpes for your hoo-ha? Bryce from The Luxury Spot also allowed the photographer to film her while she got her cooter bejeweled, so you can see just how painlessly stupid the whole process is. However, I demand a follow-up. I want to know what Bryce’s bedfellows think of her new mon pubis bling. (This video is relatively SFW, though there are some lower parts that are visible, but Bryce is so hairless, you might as well be looking at a knee cap.) Keep reading »

So That’s What A Vajazzled Vagina Looks Like!

Those rich bitches (kidding!) over at The Luxury Spot decided that merely hearing Jennifer Love Hewitt describe getting her cooter vajazzled was not enough — they had to get their ladyflowers crystal coated to truly form an opinion. Brave blogger Bryce headed down to Completely Bare Spa in NYC and had her vagina made over to look like … well, these are the first words uttered by various members of The Frisky staff upon looking at the pictures:

“Eww, it looks like little crystal in-grown hairs.” “Or a bad case of shiny herpes.” “Crabs!” “What happens if I take a hunk of cheese to that puss?” “It looks stupid!” “Herpes. All I can think is herpes.” “Is this a newfangled Rorschach test?”

Yeah, so, are you enticed to get your mons pubis vajazzled now that you’ve seen what the finished product looks like? [The Luxury Spot] Keep reading »

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