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The 6 Worst “Vacations” People Actually Pay For

Want to get away from it all? Need a break from your shitty job? Want to relax for a bit and not be stressed out? Then don’t go on any of these vacations.

#6. Tour the Sewers of Paris, Cost: $3 Per Day

Paris isn’t all poodles and Eiffel Towers, and it goes without saying that there’s more to see than the Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe. In fact, after taking a dump in one of the city’s fine restrooms, you may find yourself saying, “Man, I wish I could see the part of Paris where my shit goes.” You’re in luck, you sick bastard, because you can actually pay to take a tour of the Paris Sewer SystemRead more…

How Not To Pack For A Trip

Last week I went down to San Diego for a few days. In theory, it should have been a very simple trip to pack for: throw a couple pairs of cutoffs and a swimsuit in a duffel bag and you’re good to go. In reality, I jammed a rucksack full of roughly 200 pounds of all-weather clothing and forgot my toothbrush. That’s right: I am The Worst Packer In The World, and today I’d like to share a few of my bad habits, because if you do exactly the opposite of me, chances are you’ll end up with a perfectly packed suitcase… Keep reading »

What’s An Engagement Vacation?

The world has been all a-twitter (especially on Twitter) about the royal engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The future Princess brings a newfound sense of romance and excitement to the royal family, as well as some much-needed genetic diversity. Their long-term romance, culminating in a proposal while on vacation in Kenya, is prompting other couples to engage in the next big trend—the “engagementcation.” Keep reading »

Oprah Bringing Her Entire Studio Audience To Australia

Yesterday, Oprah kicked off her 25th season. The guests for the show were a total snoozefest—Don Johnson, Paul Simon, and John Travolta, of whom the Big O said, “Twenty-five years later, you still make my heart go pitter-patter.” But things got much more interesting later in the show when John was pulled onstage in a fake airplane. Keep reading »

A Boyz II Men Valentine’s Day Cruise!

Sorry, but if you need to find me next Valentine’s Day — I’ll be on the Boyz II Men Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas. That’s right: Motown-Philly singers Boyz II Men are hosting a frickin’ LOVE cruise Valentine’s Day 2011, featuring a live performance, formal prom night and Boyz II Men singles mixer. And the opportunity to renew your wedding vows onboard with Boyz II Men. Because true love often comes accompanied by a cheesesteak and in matching sweater vests!

The first hundred passengers to sign up get $50 off. I’m so there. [Carnival] Keep reading »

Wanderlust: If You’re 300,000 Miles Away, Don’t Call Your New Man

It would be hard to find a more fitting pair than that of sex and travel. Here, one adventurer, who has kissed an uncounted number of men who don’t share her zip code, shares her experience combining the two through more than 30 countries for our “End of Summer Escapes” series.

Three years ago, I spent New Year’s in a Middle Eastern country with lots of Jewish people. While my mother was pressuring me to try and “find a nice Jewish boy” as I traipsed around the desert (looking dehydrated and sweaty), the guy I had started seeing a few weeks earlier was still at home in the States. I spent a significant part of the two-week trip trying to figure out whether I should call — shouldn’t I be allowed to wish him a Happy New Year? Keep reading »

Wanderlust: Why It’s Easier To Meet Men On Vacation

It would be hard to find a more fitting pair than that of sex and travel. Here, one adventurer, who has kissed an uncounted number of men who don’t share her zip code, shares her experience combining the two through more than 30 countries for our “End of Summer Escapes” series.

There have been many times

I’m not suggesting you stick your tongue into the mouth of the first guy you meet; I’m merely suggesting you use your trip to really chill out.

But the minute we book a trip, hop on flight, and relocate our gabfest to, say, a weekend in Miami, everything changes. The halter dresses come out along with the wavy non-blow-dried hair. The anxiety over feeling stuck in a cubicle fades, and we’re actually smiling for no reason. We’re not hunched over, balancing our winter coats on our laps. Instead we’re approachable, and the guys actually start approaching. Sometimes we meet one guy, sometimes a group, but it’s almost a guarantee. The only thing that’s the same as those chilly bar nights back home are the martinis. Actually, I’m lying about that — two months ago, I decided vodka tonics are my drink of choice since there’s less spillage while wearing heels.

So, why is it easier to meet guys when traveling? Well, for one, “where are you from?” is actually a non-cheesy pickup line that works perfectly on vacation. Right away, it’s easy to see whether you click or not (like, if he’s there on a hunting expedition). If not, there will be another guy coming your way. As a side note, I do not look like a supermodel, nor do I have bronze lean legs or long blond hair. I would call myself a 6.5. But still, even as a woman who thinks she’s just slightly above average on that stupid one-to-10 scale, my newfound willingness to have fun intrigues men. Plus, vacationing males are also out of their element, creating a ballsier atmosphere on both sides. Speaking of ballsy, while away from home I also learn to do the talking — especially when it comes to asking the guy next to me for the time (which is usually irrelevant), or even an “I’m drunk” cigarette. And very soon, sitting at the bar turns into dancing near the bar (sometimes on the bar), which turns into a crawl to the “trendier” bar next door. If it goes well, brunch the next day is always an option. (There’s sometimes more action involving hot tubs, but my husband wouldn’t appreciate reading the details.)

After all, it’s vacation. Where else are you going to be on a noon-to-3 a.m. schedule when your entire agenda for the day is composed of lounging, eating, and drinking? But

I’m not suggesting you stick your tongue into the mouth of the first guy you meet; I’m merely suggesting you use your trip to really chill out.

When you’re lying in the sun (wearing sunscreen, of course) on that postcard-looking beach, you can finally relax and let your guard down. And even if you don’t end up in a “serious relationship” after a few days in paradise, at least you’ll leave with a few vacation pics to show your friends at home. But please, don’t share them with the hot guy you went on a date with before you left.

Cash & Coupling: Who Pays For What On Your First Vacation?

Whether you’re heading to Colorado or Cabo, thinking about your first vacation with your man likely has you more hot and bothered than the new season of “True Blood.” From the moment you compared calendars, visions of couple’s massages and romantic dinners have probably been all you can think about. But before you make a single reservation, take a step back to consider how you and your significant other – as a couple – are gonna pay for the trip. Discussing who’s paying for what may feel awkward, especially if this is the first time you’ve ever had to talk money as a twosome, but it can be great practice for your future together. With this advice from Nicholas Aretakis, author of Ditching Mr. Wrong, you can breeze through vacation planning and ensure there won’t be money trouble in paradise. Keep reading »

Where Do You Spend Your Summer Vacations?

The other day Leo asked us Frisky staffers a question about where we spend our summer vacations, which got me reminiscing about summers past and daydreaming of my upcoming trips. I grew up overseas (my parents were/are educators at schools on U.S. military bases), and my family spent summers at my maternal grandparents’ house in St. Louis. My memories are laced with rides down the Mississippi River on my aunt and uncle’s boat, swapping ghost stories with my grandfather in the backyard at dusk, sleepovers with my cousins, eating Grandma’s fried chicken, and taking lots of road trips with my parents all over the country. I loved summers not just for the time off from school, but because it was the only time of year I got to see my extended family whom I loved so much (especially my grandparents) and for two months out of the year, I got to be a “normal” American with cable TV, malls, and fast food burger joints. It was just like in the movies! Keep reading »

Your Hotel Awaits…

Imagine your ideal vacay. Now, quick, what are you doing? How do you feel? What does your room look like? If you’re anything like me, vacation means design-savvy hotel, great food, lots of post-dinner stuffed-to-the-gills walks and nice weather. For you it may entail hiking the Appalachian Trail in Asheville, or standing atop Peak 9 in Breckenridge on a cold, sunny morning. Or maybe it’s just heading down to the white-sand beach at 9 a.m. and not leaving until diner. For all those people out there that travel based on emotion and how a place feels and makes them feel, listen up: You can now book a hotel by surveying those thoughts. Hotels.com now provides a search website that appeals to the senses—it’s called, not so cleverly, “The Visualiser.“ (One word on it though: It’s still in try-out format and was made to be test-driven in the UK, so the hotel prices are in pounds, but you get the idea anyways!) Keep reading »

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