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Guy Proves That People Are Shallow, Intolerant Of Unibrows

Don't Hate The Unibrow
A social experiments about unibrow discrimination

NASA engineer and former unibrower Mark Rober set out to prove his theory that people with unibrows experience more discrimination than those with a space between their caterpillars. He pulled a Tyra Banks and went out in public with a fake unibrow and a hidden camera. Using the scientific method to test out his hypothesis, he confirmed what we already know: people are shallow and they don’t like unibrows. Well, most of them. I happen to find unibrows compelling, but that’s just me. The next time someone with a unibrow asks you a question, be nice, dammit! And don’t take pictures and post them on your Instagram feed. That’s rude. [Laughing Squid]

Team Unibrow: Meet Olympic Diver Ivan Garcia

There’s something different about Olympic diver — representing Team Mexico — Ivan Garcia: he has not waxed his body hair, something most competitive athletes (in diving, swimming and gymnastics in particular) do because hair causes drag and can slow down your time. He’s already won a silver medal at the London Olympics, so his body hair doesn’t seem to be impeding his ability to compete at the top of his game. Another part of his body that Ivan hasn’t touched? That unibrow, which garners him a much coveted spot in our Unibrow Hall of Fame. Congrats, Ivan! [Buzzfeed]

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