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To Keep People From Unfriending You On Facebook, Don’t Be A Douche

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Last week, we shared some of our biggest Facebook friend dealbreakers. You know, like Thou Shalt Not Post Status Updates About Your Child’s Poop. Stuff like that. This week, there’s a study about how to keep people from unfriending you (in case you haven’t been able to figure it out on your own). A survey conducted at Arizona State University and published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that to keep your Facebook friendships intact you should respond to messages, avoid disrespecting people and don’t post photos that are going to embarrass or offend. More specifically: Wish your FB friends a happy birthday, don’t stalk, don’t post your highly personal emo poetry and take it easy on the inside jokes. These “rules” vary slightly by  age group and may shift depending on how close you are to a Facebook friend in real life. But generally speaking, these unspoken rules all fall under the umbrella of “Don’t be a douche.” Any further questions? [Live Science]

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Well, lookie here. Another New York Times’ Style section article about a “lifestyle trend” that’s sweeping the nation. The topic? De-friending. Not just online. IRL. I know. Groundbreaking, right? It’s no secret that people drift apart, or lose commonalities. But OK, maybe there’s a point here. The internet has given us an abnormal saturation of friendships and it’s not as evident as to how to get rid of them or even deal with them. Maybe because half the time you can avoid face-to-face confrontation. Keep reading »

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