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Dutch Women: Don’t Find A Job, Find A Husband!

Talk about returning to the 1950s. Dutch women who are currently unemployed are being propositioned with a very sexist and archaic deal. Instead of encouraging unemployed women to find new jobs, a Dutch council is offering them free makeovers worth about $1,686 each, advice from a dating coach, and free membership to a dating site! Obviously, the underlying motives would be that with their hot new look and access to single men, the unemployed women would find a new husband, take themselves off the job market, and thus, off the support of state money. The companies backing the deal explain that with a new look, tips from a coach, and a new outlook on life, the unemployed women will be more inspired and have a more positive outlook on their life and situation, thus leading to job offers. Oh c’mon, we know what they’re saying — get a man and get off social security. Lame. [Times UK] Keep reading »

Unemployed? Get Your Free Botox

Talk about lifting your spirits. A clinic in Arlington, Virginia, is offering free Botox injections to unemployed folks. Why? Many people looking for jobs are in their 40′s and 50′s, and they’re finding it hard to compete with bright-eyed bushy tailed college graduates who (a) will accept lower salaries and (b) have nary a stress line. This clinic hopes to battle age discrimination and boost confidence among the unemployed one shot at a time. Call it an image bailout.
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